29 May 2011

Craft Idea Must Share!

Hey All you p h o t o freaks like me :)

I saw this and said I must share!

I came across these DIY Pantone chip magnets on How About Orange and wanted to do something similar. The idea of tiny Polaroids dotting my fridge sounded cute to me.

So I pretty much followed the tutorial with a few modifications. I designed my own Polaroids in Photoshop using a real Polaroid frame I scanned in (you can download below). I scaled my Polas down to about 0.8″ wide and then printed on photo paper. Using rubber cement, I mounted my printed sheet to chipboard (the back of an old spiral-bound sketch book worked just fine for me) and sort of laminated my mini photos by laying pieces of clear masking tape on top. The paper glaze didn’t work for this project as it was causing the ink to run and bleed.

Once trimmed out, instead of painting the edges white, I used a white opaque marker from Martha Stewart’s craft line, and colored in the edges.

After attaching the magnet pieces to the back, I had myself a new set of magnets:

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  1. I love this! And Have to do this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  3. How adorable! So crafty!

  4. LOVE this!
    I saw this on pinterest and loved it!
    You may have inspired em to actually DO it ;]

  5. ps...yours look GREAT!

  6. Oh my goodness, these little polaroid magnets are ADORABLE. 1 - I love mini things and 2 - this doesn't look to hard to make! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  7. Oooh LOVE THIS!! Thanks for posting!

  8. i am sooo doing this! i am in love. thanks for the great idea cmae!

  9. Love this! Too bad my fridge isn't magnetic!


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