31 May 2011

Book Review Rob VS Melissa

So I finally finished Melissa Gilbert's "Prairie Tale" a memoir.

Now you must recall, I picked this up after reading online that Rob Lowe and her dated for six years and he never mentioned her all but like 2 sentences in his book! So I was curious to see how much she wrote about him in her book.

I looked at some of the readers reviews of Prairie Tales on Amazon and it seems like people's issue with this book is how it shatters the image they had of their childhood's hero(es). They didn't want to know all the details about Half Pint's sex life, infidelities and the days of booze and coke during the 80s (and later). I don't know where these people have been all these years, but apparently not reading the tabloids or even People magazine. After all, Melissa Gilbert was engaged and had a very long relationship with Rob Lowe. It should have pointed them in a certain direction.

There wasn't any bashing in her book by any means. I definitely got the gist of their relationship was purely young young love.  Melissa and Rob were primarily each others first real love, which Mr. Lowe doesn't really mention in his book.

Both books were good, it was neat to hear her talk about Little House on the Prairie and working with Michael Landon so much. Melissa Gilbert talks (mostly) openly about her family, loves, addictions and plastic surgery. She comes across as very human, flawed and self-aware. It's an interesting journey and a good read for anyone who's "known" her for all these years.

Did you know...

 that evil Nelly Olsen is actually to this day, Melissa Gilbert's best friend?

Did you know...

That "Albert" in Little House is actually Melissa's REAL BROTHER in real life? His name is Jonathan Gilbert! 

Did you know...

That most girls on the set of Little house had a hard time getting a long with "Mary" aka Melissa Sue Anderson?

Did you know...
That Melissa Gilbert had a nose job? And she's had to have it "Fixed" three times! Oy! 

Overall, Rob Lowe's book was more of a page turner, with way more juice and details of all of his encounters with famous people in the business before they made it big.

I got to read lots of details about Tom Cruise and my most fave hunk of hollywood who recently passed away, Patrick Swayze

Patrick and my "love" for the actor would be a another post my friends. He's at the top of my list of fave actors EVER. 

Anyway, I highly recommend Rob's Book. And if you are a little house fan, Melissa's book is just as swell! 



  1. I had no idea those two dated. Love the fun facts. Rob is such a hottie.

  2. so crazy! i'll have to read his book now, I LOVED Patrick Swazye!

  3. I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and just loved it...maybe I should check out the book!

    Love all the fun facts too :)

  4. albert actually wasn't her real brother, it was willie...and both were adopted..along with sarah gilbert a.k.a as Darlene from the sitcom "Roseanne"

    1. Yes it was Willie who is Jonathan Gilbert. Both him and Melissa were adopted. But Sarah Gilbert is the biological child of their adoptive mother and her second husband. Melissa and Jonathan's Adoptive father died when Melissa was 11.

  5. Albert actually wasn't her real brother, it was Willie. Both were adopted...along with Sarah Gilbert a.k.a as Darlene from the family sitcom "Roseanne". Albert and Andy were brothers in real life. Both of them were adopted as well.


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