24 November 2013

If I had a Celebrity Entourage...

If there's anything I've learned as I have gotten older, it's that "good" girlfriends are definitely hard to come by. As we all get older, friends drift their own ways, they get married, have kids, or don't marry and keep up with the fast life of always going out and hitting up the bars. 

If I had my choice of celebrities that I'd love to hang with I think it would look a little something like this:

What can I say?! She's perfect. You never hear about her in the media, she keeps her clothes on, picks great roles to star in as an actress, and hello if she really is back with Ryan Gosling who wouldn't want to see them oogle each other?! 

Carrie I think I'd hang out with for the pure fact that she'd be a great workout buddy. Someone to motivate you to eat clean and have a great body!

Ellen. She has one of the most giving hearts out there in today's sick sad world. She laughs a ton and dances like no one is watching. All attitudes and ways of life that are good for the soul. 

Mila. Because she is someone who keeps her private life PRIVATE, she'd probably be person #1 I'd tell all my "Secrets" to. 

I think Rachel Bilson has such a fun personality and great fashion. And Leighton Meester is pretty cool in my book for also keeping a low profile since her Gossip Girl days.

Love triangle

How weird is it that Rachel dated Adam Brody (from the OC) for years then come to find out Leighton Meester is actually engaged to Adam Brody! Weird right?

And speaking of weird....

I've always thought it was weird how much Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester resemble each other don't you? 


Who would your celebrity entourage be?


  1. I"m totally with you on Carrie Underwood. And I'd probably include Jennifer Aniston. I just think shes great!

  2. Carrie Underwood and Mila Kuniz for sure!!! Love those girls

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  3. Carrie Underwood and Rachel McAdams for sure!

  4. Mila for sure! She seems so badass! I love this!


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