01 December 2013

Only the good die young...

Billy Joel never sang truer words than he did in that song. Finding out about Paul Walker last night I genuinely felt sad and like hollywood lost a great one. I felt the same way when Patrick Swayze died a few years ago. Like you wanted to yell to God, "NO! Not that one!" Please!

There was so much mass confusion as to if the actor really did die too. Apparently there was a big internet hoax only a few days or weeks before claiming he had died. 



I remember really falling for Paul in Varsity Blues. Hello boyfriend who had sex with Ali Larter on a washer and dryer!  So hot!





I'm not gonna lie, his on screen "romance" with Jordana Brewster is why I loved the Fast and the Furious series so much.

Here he is with Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville. 

Not to many people know Paul was a father to a daughter named Meadow Rain. She lived in Hawaii with her mom all these years. I think Paul did a great job of protecting his daughter's identity, because if you search on google, not a single picture comes up of her. Kudos to you for being a hot hollywood celeb and being able to shield all of who you are away from your daughter to have a normal life. 

So Paul, in memory of you, I write this post. I am truly saddened God took you so early. 


  1. Paul Walker was a beautiful man on the inside and out. It is absolutely heartbreaking that he's gone. My heart goes out to his daughter, his family, and his friends. May he eternally rest in peace and in love.

    Beautiful post.

  2. I was so sad when I read that this morning!!!!

  3. It's very sad! When I heard about it yesterday, I thought how sad!

  4. I am in serious mourning about this. I have always been in love with Paul walker... It just makes me sick :(

  5. Such tragic news!!! He was such a nice, sweet guy and it always came through that way in the roles he played!!


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