24 December 2013

Hallelujah! Joyeux Noel!

I spent all morning on YOUTUBE learning out how to properly put in my new hair extensions!

How did I do?!

I never ever thought I'd be "that girl" with fake hair but I have to admit, I LOVE them! This was a christmas present to myself, as hair is not a cheap thing to purchase!

I asked a ton of people, watched reviews online and decided I'd go with LacedHairExtensions. The lovely Aubrey Kinch was the first person I knew to actually get them, and try them out. I asked her if picking up her old extensions from Sallys was just as good. She told me she'd never go back and that was that! As soon as she uttered those words I decided it was a done deal.

I've always been that girl who could never grow her hair out past the boob area. I am a natural blonde, who has never dyed my hair or permed it or anything of the sorts, so it's always been strange to me that even with the best of care, I could never get my hair to grow long!

I think I've tried every product under the sun and have just come to terms that some people, myself included, just can't grow their hair a certain length!

Here's the website to LacedHairExtensions

I purchased the 18/22 highlight lowlight mix (top seller)
and am happy I did. A lot of people think I am a straight up bleach blonde, when in fact my hair is quite dirty blonde (what us blondes call "dark" underneath!)

The shipping was uber fast too! Total win in my book! 

Here's a little before and after...please excuse the sans makeup and PJ pants! 

Progression of curling the hair in progress...still no make up eeek!


I am sorry for posting such a vain post on hair of all things on Christmas eve, but sadly it's the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long while! LOL 


  1. They look so lovely curled! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  2. Your hair looks wonderful!!! :) <3 You are a gorgeous lady....

  3. They look great! I think extensions give hair more texture and volume. A lot of people think celeb's hair looks amazing because of the cut, when it's really extensions. I have fake bangs by Jessica Simpson's brand. I love them because I can get a whole new look without committing and cutting my hair.


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