12 December 2013


I saw this on my friend Ashleigh's page and thought how fun! So here I am participating! :) 

She is no longer Waking up in Vegas, so update your blog buttons and such now she is found over here 

The Blogmopolitan Quizme

If you'd like to link up you can find it here


  1. I'm not a brat fan either, but I'll eat hot dogs & Italian sausages all day long!! (That statement just sounds so many kinds of wrong, lol.) Have a good weekend!

  2. What?! I didn't know Ash changed her blog! Thanks for the update.. I think I might fill this thingy out too!

  3. 1. i love you and thanks for that shout out
    2. i love bratwurst.. way more than a hot dog
    3. I WILL NEVER SMOKE EITHER. wish i woulda thought of that one. thats perf.
    4. i am addicted to instagram too, matt always asks me "how can there be something new everytime you look on instagram!" and i said "i follow tons of people!"
    5. love you.

  4. I pick at my split ends also... such a bad habit!

  5. Love this! I want to do it! I will never smoke either...and I often request another table if someone sits down near me who is smoking or I make visible faces of disgust until they go away. I wish I was better at math, too. Eric is so great...which is good since he works in finance...but he has to really dumb things down for me...haha.. And if a guy doesnt open the door, give up his seat, let a woman enter the elevator first (corporate tower protocol...haha), I find it totally unattractive. I make mental lists of things to instill in a potential future son someday.

  6. Picking at my splint ends is one of my WORST habits!! I can't stop. I do it all the time during staff meetings and I'm made fun of for it. haha :) Cute post!


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