19 December 2013

What's everybody wearing?

Well if you don't follow me on instagram, then you probably missed a few of my new favorite looks!

This is one of my new favorite T Shirts from Hello Apparel. They are based right here in Phoenix! Who knew! 

This outfit I wire to the Michael Buble' concert a few weeks ago. Top is from Target! 

This adorable elbow patch top I've had for a few months and finally wore it out. It's from the Gap!

This was my Sunday Best for Church two Sundays ago! My whole outfit is from an amazing boutique called Bluetique. 

This was my Ugly Christmas outfit for our Staff party last weekend. I know, I know, my sweater is not all that ugly, I couldn't go completely hideous! Cute worked for me...in a 90s era sort of way :) 

And lastly, my christmas present that my hubby bought me was this beautiful coat from Banana Republic. I tried it on in the store a few weeks ago, (see first coat picture) and instagrammed it. Of course everyone was saying I had to get it, which I totally agreed! It's not a heavy coat, just perfect for our Fall/Winters here in AZ.

Speaking of outfits, what's everybody wearing for New Years/Christmas this year? I will admit, I have nothing to wear for New Years, this is the second year where my hubby is "on call" and thus we usually can't go out and do anything.


  1. I love that the hub got you the coat! Enjoy it sweet girl :)

  2. That coat! <3 I've always wanted a white or cream colored coat, but I would completely ruin it. I can-NOT wear white clothes for the life of me. Ruined. Immediately.

    Mo | ollivandermo.com

  3. I love all of your cute outfits! Great coat!


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