11 December 2013

From Anna to Behati

One thought first came to mind when the VS fashion show was blowing up twitter last night.

All I could recall was Adam Levine and his FORMER girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna.

Remember this? 


Yeah now fast forward to last night


Adam's fiance' is only 24! He's 34.

And I think he must have a thing for models. And only VS models at that. Awkward if you are Anne because he's your ex and dating a co worker and awkward if you are Behati since you are getting sloppy seconds. 

Of course to each their own, and age may not be an issue for certain people. I just know, in terms for my self, can't imagine getting married at 24 and being "Ready". I also think it's a lot harder when you are in the "industry" such as hollywood to really find "true" love. 


  1. 24 and 34 isn't too bad. Maybe I'm thinking that because I'm 31 but you're right… The industry doesn't help. I'm sure he will marry at least 5 women throughout his life. Why do people rush into it so fast! However, I do this his new girlfriend rocked that show last night. She's a stunner!!!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  2. Totally agree about his model hopping.. Super weird. Especially b/c he was spotted in May with ANOTHER model when he and Behati were on a break (I know entirely too much after reading about this yesterday...haha). I wonder if it's weird behind the scenes with those two... I mean it has to be, right? AND Anna broke up with him (from my little research project I went on last night about it). So that's weird too...It's all just weird.


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