18 December 2013

And the Voice is..

Before I get to the winner, can I just say how awesome it was to see/hear/watch Christina Aguilera (MY FAVE) share the stage with the queen diva herself, Lady Gaga?
What does that one commercial say? Oh, It was AMAZEBALLS. Haha! 

I was shocked that such powerhouse voices did such a collaboration!

I had to cut out 30 min early last night to go to bed, so I actually didn't get to watch live who won. Which is kind of a joke, because being in a different time zone, it really isn't "live" as they say. That's annoying. Anyhow, I purposefully didn't log on to ANY social media so I wouldn't read or hear who won. Just from turning the TV on this morning to watch the last few min on DVR the news was like "AND THE WINNER OF THE VOICE IS" and I started to say "LA L A LA " very loudly so they wouldn't spoil it for me!

I also really liked this performance by all the boys. I am still wowed by Matthew and Preston's voices. 

And hello Celine Dion and Ne-Yo. I cannot stop listening to "Incredible" on spotify. I am hoping Celine is back! I bought her new CD for my Grandma for X mas this year! 


Even though I voted for Jackie Lee, I think everyone knew that Tessanne Chin was the clear winner from the beginning, as she proved with her amazing powerhouse Voice. 

Who did everyone else want to win? 


  1. I was so glad Tessanne won! I thought it was one of the best finale shows of all 5 seasons!

  2. I wanted Jackie Lee. I never liked Tessanne and never really thought she was THAT great. I didnt get the hype on her??? Maybe she sounded better live??? All I know if that Jackie Lee knocked my socks off compared to her!


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