26 May 2011

La la LEGS! via Carrie Underwood

Here's a clip from last night and what got everyone Twittering!

Twitter pretty much BLEW UP with comments on how awesome Carrie's legs were. Yeah, not got gonna lie, they are re-dic.

But at the same time, I gotta lay it out there and say it's QUITE humorous to me to read blogs on how much everyone "wants legs like Carrie" yet these are the same goofs that drink soda, eat carbs, and work out maybe a few times a week.

I asked a fitness expert aka MISTER WONDERFUL :) (some of you new to le blog might be like well who is Mister Wonderful to know about this right?) SEE FOR YOURSELF why he knows!

Yeah how you like them apples. Try LIVING WITH  someone that looks like this. AHH his body = freakin airbrushed!!! My body?

 ehhhhhhh no where close! :(

Here's a clip of him lifting, doing what he does best.

"How does she get legs like that?" I ask, as MW glances up at Carrie singing on TV.

Even he was impressed. Duely noted that she has amazing "Cuts" on her legs this means she don't eat much and works out A LOT.

I was like "well what's a lot?"

He was like she has got to do some SERIOUS leg work outs. TONS of squats and lunges. We're not talking 3 reps worth like most people do then call it quits. No no no.

To to be blunt You want her legs?


DONT DRINK SODA (not a drip not even diet)



WATCH YOUR SUGAR INTAKE! (yes this even means consuming fruit

 ladies bec fruit turns to sugar in your body!)


And run, walk, lunge, squat like a a bad mutha you know what.

Some gals on twitter said I bet she doesn't have any 'fun' since her life of list of no no's is so long. I disagree. Her working out like a crazy is probably the "norm" for her now. It's become her way of life, a part of her lifestyle. I've given up soda for a a year now and I DONT miss it. I've given up a lot of Processed foods (ie goldfish crackers, pasta, snacky crap and I don't really miss it all that much either)

I DO miss my occasional piece of bread. And to be honest, I have a piece of toast every now and again just because I can't quite give it up cold turkey.  I'm a cheater when it comes to carbs. I feel like I have to have some carbs!!! :)

So ladies, all in all, you want these puppies,

then stop bloggin about how much soda and crap y'all eat! LOL You can't have these unless you get rid of a lot in your diet. Yes I know, not eating much SUCKS, but that's how it's done. Sacrifice! :) 

For now, I'm okay with not having Underwood legs. Still a girl can dream right? hehe



  1. I was quite impressed with her legs too!! I know that you have to work really hard at getting legs like that.....but how in the heck to you keep it up?? (the extreme diet the exercise)

  2. her legs are SICK! i don't think i'll ever be able to achieve those things. i love carbs, cheetos, and alcohol way too much to give it up annnnnnnd i'm lazy.

  3. Carrie is hot.

    Your man is hot.

    You are hot.

    Moderation is key.

    The end. ;)

  4. Her legs are pretty awesome!! I noticed at the country music awards!! I am going to have to watch american idol now to see all the star performances!!

  5. Surprise surprise I've read she follows a really strict diet and writes down everything she eats (she's a vegetarian) and works out a LOT... she looks great. And I'm jealous. BUT I eat a lot of crap so I can't complain!!
    Thank you Mr. Wonderful for the tips. :)

  6. Love it. I gave up cokes about 6 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Now, sweets get me every single time. That and fried chicken are my weaknesses, but I only eat them in moderation. Thanks for the tips.

  7. i think jenni says it best. i don't think you would have to give up all carbs or all soda all the time. moderation is key.

    now i'm not in shape like you guys but i'd rather be a little thick or not so toned and enjoy some sweet treats every now and then!

  8. OmG I want Carries LEGS lol :)

  9. those jambes (legs in French) are gorgeous. the fact that they're tanned also helps. is my lunch of diced tomatoes, brown rice and a pork chop okay or should i start my diet right now?

  10. I would kill (not really) for her legs, but you're right, I prob wouldn't give up my favorite junk foods for them. (Sad but true) I agree that it is probably her norm now, like you with soda, I gave up caffiene several months ago and I am completely fine without it.

  11. well, it's just never going to happen for me...hahaha!! i indulge in desserts every now and then and i cannot live without the carbs and that occasional gin and tonic! thanks for all the info lady

  12. loved this post! and I totally agree with everything! those people who said they bet she doesn't have "fun" because of her limited diet, I bet Carried has "fun" when she is prancing around in a bikini looking like THAT haha!!

  13. she does have amazing legs! love that you had a whole in-depth convo with your mr. wonderful about them! and soda. gross.

  14. she is a vegetarian too so she doesn't eat any meat, even fish. All she eats are veggies and whatever else vegetarians eat.

  15. Gosh, Mrs. Carrie's legs are fantastic. I'm SO glad I'm not one of those people who constantly want someone else's body...because A)I know I never will and B)I don't have that much self control. I keep myself in moderation but I just can't cut things out!

  16. She has AMAZING legs! Holy jealous! No way I could ever keep a diet like that... I love carbs way too much (the soda wouldn't be a problem though, I don't drink it anyway!).

  17. 1. You're hot. For reals. I'll take legs and discipline in the gym/kitchen like yours! You rock!

    2. Carrie is the hottness but could you IMAGINE how crazy you'd be if you gave up ALL of that stuff? I mean, what's the point in rocking a short dress with those legs if you can't put on a minidress for a girls night out full of friends, wine, etc. "No, I'll just have the water. Skip the lemon. Thanks." *cringe* haha!

    But yeah, she's hot. Like really hot. *sigh*

  18. I mean WHO DOESNT lust over legs like that?!?! You must also take into consideration that not everyone has the same genetics and metabolism as she does. Those things can be a huge help or a huge B. I have had my legs very cut, I was in the gym 5 days a week and did killer workouts and almost had a 6-pack...I still had fun and I still ate chocolate and drank soda...

  19. UGhhh her legs.. seriously! Out of control! :) Thanks for the tips Mr. Wonderful! The advice is sad for me, but very true! :)


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