02 May 2011

The Shine Project

Hi lovelies. How many of you follow the lovely Ashley over @ The Shine Project?


If you don't, hop on over and take a gander at her page HERE

So What is SHINE? 
 Here's a little blurb written by Miss Ash

"Each week, challenges will be given that either motivate us to reach our goals,
or push us to serve those around us.
When YOU go out of your comfort zone to make a change in the world,
you join a group of others who are going through the same challenge,
creating a chain of people that is capable of impacting THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS.
On Fridays, The Shine Project hosts "I SHINE" Fridays,
where all challenge participants post their week's experience on their blog,
and LINKS back here for everyone to see.
When YOU post your accomplishment on your blog,
YOU have the potential of creating a SHINE epidemic by spreading it to even more people
who need inspiration in their lives.

You can also help by becoming a part of the
Become a Shine Service Project leader, 
and organize a service project in your community.
You will represent the SHINE community in your city, and make a big difference!
Shirts are available for purchase so we can all be united.
Click on the T-Shirt tab."
If you are interested in representing The Shine project in your area,
email me at Ashley.TheShineProject@gmail.com

On Saturday, I got the honor of meeting Ashley, and got to participate in the First SHINE Community Project!  Um, yeah, you think she's a knock out in her pictures? Wait till you meet her in person! It's SOOO nice to be around someone so HUMBLE and sweet! 

We spent the morning organizing clothes for a Women's Shelter. It felt really good to help those in need. Sure, I could of slept in, and spent my morning doing not a whole lot of anything but being lazy, but I CHOSE to help. I believe in Ashley and what she is trying to do. I was really touched by how many showed up to meet her and support the SHINE project. 

Everything you need to know is on her page, stop over and check it out. 


  1. Very cool, good for you to do something to help! I need to do the same--Lord knows I have more than enough clothing. ;)

  2. That's awesome! I love Ashley! It's so great that you were able to meet her and join a Shine Project Community Project! :)

  3. what a great cause! and that's so awesome you get to meet her also!

  4. I'm such a fan of the Shine Project and I love that you were able to participate over the weekend!

    Your blog is fabulous and I love reading your posts!


  5. that's awesome! I'm hoping to do the SD one she just announced!

  6. Way to go, girl! Love that you joined in to give back! I just love the feeling of really making a difference... really doing something. I pray I dont ever need services like this, but if I did, I'd certainly feel better accepting them knowing that I did what I could when I was able to help....

  7. (I dont think I was clear.. I meant needing services from any nonprofit. I spent my weekend giving back too... and I was just thinking if I ever needed services from an org at any point in life, I'd be glad that I had done my part to help when I could...if that makes sense. It's Monday. I'm confusing on Mondays). :)

  8. You are both gorgeous and I love the idea for the Shine project!! Very awesome.

  9. i just looked through her website. how amazing and inspiring!!

  10. That is so great you could participate! Volunteering is such a huge part of my life!

    I tagged you in my "10 things I love", check it out!


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