15 May 2011

My Sunday Song of the day

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]
Let There Be Love - Chris Botti ft. Michael Buble

I think I have blogged before how much I adore this guy's music, voice, sound you name it. Truly one of a kind for our era. Enjoy!

I hope blogger gets back to normal soon! My dashboard is still flooded from posts that I read on wed.thurs of last week. I was/am nervous to post a much in thought detailed post in fear of blogger deciding to take a big crap on us again.



  1. omg i love Michael Buble! I pretty much own all of his albums

  2. ahhhhh I too love this song! Thanks for sharing! also, love your new blog name and layout :)

  3. Love it! :) And I agree...I scared to post too. :(

  4. Agreed about Blogger! Whatever went wrong with it last week totally messed up my dashboard and some of my comments!

  5. Love LOVE Michael Buble. Not only is his voice a dream...but he is pretty easy on the eyes as well;)

  6. Love the song, and Buble. And tell me about it I was going on Blog withdraw with it being down so long!


  7. Good pick girl - I just LOVE his music!

  8. well, i just played this song and my boyfriend started dancing so i think that means it's a keeper.

  9. I love him too! Have you seen his wife? Um, gorgeous!!


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