06 May 2011

Books and Art!

So yesterday was Wear What You Want To Be When You Grow Up Day aka (Career Day) at school.
Five kiddos dressed up as Art Teachers/Artists. I was so touched I almost cried. Nothing was more rewarding than hearing,
 "MISS X, I want to be an art teacher just like you when I grow up!"

The five kiddos all had some type of paint shirt on, one student had a paint brush behind their ear. It was adorable.

Okay moving on, Friday wouldn't be the same without some Friday Art on this post right? here ya go...

*3rd Grade glazed their frogs earlier this week. Ready to be fired.

*1st grade are painting some fish with oil pastel resists.

*Kinder completed the beautiful sunflowers

These Radial Designs aka Mandalas were created and are still in the process of being completed by my Sixth Graders. Out of all the lessons I have taught them this year, this one is by far my fave!!!

I FINALLY had money to go and by the book I have blabbed to  you all about for the past month....

I also picked up Melissa Gilbert's Prairie Tale.

Okay in case you are wondering why in the world I picked up Melissa's book....

For those of you that don't know..

Rob Lowe dated Melissa Gilbert (aka miss little house on the prairie) for SIX years. That's like a record when you are a star in hollywood. 

Lowe and Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert briefly met at age 14 in 1978 in the halls of the CBS Television Studios. In 1981, when both were 17, she spotted Lowe stopped at the red light next to her car and the two began dating.[10] Lowe was a little-known actor at the time. For years the two had an on-and-off relationship due to infidelity. During the filming of 1984's The Hotel New Hampshire, Lowe began an affair with Nastassja Kinski. In Gilbert's 2009 autobiography, Prairie Tale: A Memoir, she talks about sleeping with Lowe's then-best friend, John Cusack, while Lowe was away filming. According to Gilbert, she caught Lowe in Nastassja's hotel room and she slept with Cusack out of revenge. The two stars got back together only to break up several times. Lowe broke up with her again in 1986 when he started dating Princess St├ęphanie. As soon as this relationship ended, Gilbert and Lowe dated again. The two became engaged and were to be married in the summer of 1987. Gilbert then found out she was pregnant. After telling Lowe this news, he broke up with her for good. She miscarried only days later.[11]
Lowe married makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff in July 1991

So far I have read a few mad comments by readers saying that Rob only wrote ONE single sentence about Melissa in his entire book. Yikes! 

Well lovelies. Have a great weekend! 



  1. That's so sweet they want to be art teachers. I've had kids tell me they wanted to be art teachers before but I always figured they were just sucking up...haha!

  2. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers (second to hyacinths), so seeing the sunflower art just made my morning!!! Happy Friday :)

  3. WOWZA! I had NO idea and Rob and Melissa....that is totally interesting. I may have to grab her book....who knew she was so interesting?

  4. I love the frog art projects--they look like they were a lot of fun! The 6th grade Mandalas look really neat too!
    I can see why those kiddos wanna be like you--looks like you let them have a lot of fun, while still learning different techniques and things about art! What a better way to show appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week!!
    Happy Friday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  5. First off, the art projects are adorable! Second, the books you recommended sound pretty interesting. I may just have to pick them up! Thanks:)

  6. Your kids are so talented! Love the frogs. Lol

    I can't wait to hear more about the books, be sure to let us know how they are!

  7. That's so sweet that they wanted to be art teachers just like you! You are such an inspiration to them!!


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