26 July 2011

Disney Delight

Alright all you Disney Lovers. This post is for you. 

I was born in 1982. My first Disney movie that I saw in the Theater was "Sleeping Beauty". It was technically released in 1959, but rereleased in 1986, when I was only 4 yrs old. My dad took me to see it. I actually don't have any memory of this, only know it because it was something my dad told me as I got older, how much I loved Princess Aurora. 

The Disney movie that I DO actually remember seeing in the theater was "The Little Mermaid" which was released in 1989. 
Would you de-follow me if I told you that I can still recite this movie line by line and pretty much all the disney movies to follow it? 

What can I say I am a kid at heart always! 

Did you know....

 That Cinderella is voiced by Ilene Woods?

Belle is voiced by this gal named Paige O'Hara

 Sleeping Beauty is brought to life by Mary Costas

Snow White is voiced by someone who totally resembles the character! Adriana Caselotti

Princess Jasmine is voiced by Linda Larkin

Ariel is voiced by Jodi Benson
Who's also the voice of Barbie in Toy Story 2 ! :) 

Pocahontas is voiced by Judy Kuhn

Ming-Na Wen is the voice of Mulan

Awwwwwwww Aren't they lovely? 

......:::::::::::::But moving on::::::........

Alright now on to the MEN! Er "Princes" I mean! 


is really........
Scott Weinger 

you might of seen him as DJ's boyfriend on Full House :) 

Prince Eric

is really

Um, only way I even recognized him was because he played Greg Brady in the Brady Bunch Movie!

Dimitri from Anastasia 

Is really

John Cusack

The Beast....
Is really.....

Robby Benson


is really
Tate Donovan 

Only his speaking parts Hercules had 2 other voices one for his singing voice and another 
person who played the child voice of Hercules

Captain John Smith

 is really

Mel Gibson 


Is voiced by

D.B. Wong

But Sung by Donnie Osmond

The voice of the Prince in Cinderella
 was voiced by

William Phipps

Bill Shirley was the voice of Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty

It was really hard to find a picture of the guy! (pictured here with Mary Costa the voice of Aurora)

And there you have it lovelies! 

PS this post TOOK me flippin forever to do! :) hope you enjoyed it!



  1. i love this post!!
    i remember seeing the little mermaid in theaters! it is still hands down my favorite disney movie!

  2. ahhh! I LOVE it! I still watch all the Disney movies!
    I never took the time to figure out who did the voices for any of the characters unless a big deal was made ie: Mulan and John Smith =) Very education post =) it was the perfect way to start my Tuesday

  3. I adore Disney movies and have my fair share of Disney soundtracks! Thanks for taking the time to find out who are the voices behind these characters!

  4. I love Disney movies too. There's something about them that takes you back to when you were a carefree kid. My first Disney movies I saw in theaters was Bambi. But my favorite was The Little Mermaid!

  5. love this! didnt know that all those people were the voices in these movies...interesting!

  6. disney princess movies are my favorite. i own practically all of them, and yes, i'm in my 20s. any time one comes out, i drag the husband to see it. thankfully, i have a niece now and can share my disney love with her!! the first disney movie i saw in theaters was either little mermaid or beauty and the beast {don't remember too well!!}, but the first one i remember seeing was lion king. oh, i just love 'em all!!

  7. Seeing this brings back a lot of good memories. I'm "collecting" Disney movies, although I don't have many YET. My favorite was Hercules because I always had this obsession with mythology. I also loved Anatasia. :)

  8. Love Disney movies! I also love catching up on your Chicago trip! Looks like you guys had fun.

  9. Cool post girl! I never knew any of this stuff! :) Very neat to put real life faces to their voices.

  10. I was sooo sure that I was going to grow up to be a disney princess. Weird that it never happened! ha!

  11. I LOVED this post, it was worth the time it took! Those women are all beautiful who did the voices for the characters! I never thought to look them up... now I'm in a major Disney movie mood.. and all of mine are still on VHS.

  12. I love this post! All the guys and girls who voice them are just as good looking as their characters, LOL

  13. Awww, I love this post! It's so cool to see the faces of the voices! I had no idea about some of those male voices. Oh, Steve from Full House... you'll always be such a dreamboat :)

  14. Love this post! Never knew about Mel being Captain John Smith!
    Love your blog!

  15. Love this post...I just took my daughter to Disney and did a post about meeting the princesses and I heart all the characters.

  16. I loved this post! Thanks! I enjoyed knowing who the voices for the characters were. =)

  17. Awesome post! I knew about Steve from full house but I didn't know about Greg from the Brady Bunch!
    Isn't it funny how sometimes the picture posts take ten times as long as the text posts? Lol
    Thanks for doing this girl, it's awesome to see all the faces to put with the voices!!

  18. I can't believe Aladdin is DJ's boyfriend, ha! I love Disney movies and was obsessed with Full House!

  19. I loved this! I want to go watch all my disney movies asap!

  20. great post! i was born in '84 and my first movie was the little mermaid and i totally remember seeing it. a lot of voices did multiple movies too for disney. so interesting!

  21. Wow! I knew some of those but man- my dreams were just shattered by the real prince Eric! LOL.
    I remember seeing Little Mermaid in the theater too. It's still one of my favorite movies ever, and I still remember almost all the words to most of the Disney movies. Did you know Jodi Benson also played the receptionist in "Enchanted"?

  22. Great post girl! I love Disney movies too :) I remember my daddy took me and my brother to see Snow White and he fell asleep during the movie! haha

  23. WOW, so cool! Thanks for sharing! I never would have guessed some of the Prince voices.
    And don't worry, I can recite Disney movies too :)

  24. Seriously the biggest disney lover ever, so I obviously loved this post! I still recite the little mermaid as well, don't be ashamed! :)

  25. How cool! I love that you put faces with the voices. I never would've known! By the way, I love that you recite Little Mermaid.. it's hands down my fave Disney movie!

  26. This is the most amazing post ever! And I could totally speak Little Mermaid lines with you. I had the CASSETTE tape, VHS and possible every Ariel paraphernalia ever made!

  27. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work:-) Little mermaid was my first movie too, and when i was in Spain for 3 weeks, the first movie I wanted to watch when I got home was Little Mermaid!

  28. giiiiirl thank you so much for doing that work and making this post! that was AWESOME! my favorite post i've read today! i LOOOOVE disney! love love love. I was actually a super nerd last night and was walking around singing "part of your world" from little mermaid! (this is not a lie..)

  29. AHH! I am SUCH a diehard Disney fan! I knew about Scott Weinger playing Aladdin but I didn’t know the other ones! Thanks so much for this post! It brought a smile to my face and totally took me for a trip down memory lane! Love it!

  30. Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney movie. I thought I was the ONLY person who watched Anastasis. Meg Ryan does the female voice I think. I need to find the DVD because I only have the VHS copy :(

    Great post!!

  31. Such a cute post!! Love it.



  32. I love this! Disney movies have always been a huge part of my life. I still have all my VHS tapes :).

  33. Adorable! I never thought about the voice behind the characters! It's amazing that the men's voices are more popular actors than the women (at least I think so!)

  34. It's ok, I recite all of the Little Mermaid lines word for word too. I subscribe to netflix and had a near temper tantrum when I had to send away for discs of the Princess movies because they aren't available to stream. Love your site it's so cute and very relatable!


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