13 January 2013

Golden Globes #1 Best Dressed is....

Hands down my favorite gown/look of the night for the Golden Globes was Shawn Robinson.

All these blogs have been talking about the color Emerald being the "it" color this season and I think Shawn nailed it!

I'm probably the only blogger that will pick her but I just thought her dress was so appropriate for her age and she just looked so classy and well put together.

And I realize that Anne Hathaway lost a ton of weight for her role in Les Mis but seriously girlfriend, the movie wrapped a while ago, why you still look like you haven't eaten in days?

Her head looks to big for her body!

And Claire. I think she looks amazing every year. Boy has that girl really come far since her So Called Life Days, no? 

And I'm sure everyone has Jessica Alba on her list, as do I! 

I LOVE the color CORAL. She pulled it off spectacularly! 



  1. I think they all look great! Anne Hathaway looks stunning, she has always been pretty thin, I thought her dress was fantastic.

  2. Claire just had a baby 1 month ago!

  3. I totally choose the emerald dress too! AMAZING!

  4. That emerald dress is to die for!! So beautiful


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