08 January 2013

Hubba Hubba New Bachelor Season!

With the Football game being such a blow out last night, I immediately flipped just in time to watch ABC's the Bachelor. I have been waiting for the new season so patiently!

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sean seems like one of thee most genuine guys that the show has ever had on. I even read online that at the very end of this he didn't go to the fantasy suite with either final contestants! holy smokes! 

Was super suprised to see that he and Arie have maintained being friends, considering they were each other's final competition with Emily Maynard. Dear sweet Emily, are you kicking yourself right now? You should be! 

Okay on to the DUDS of the show aka the girls that there is no way in heck he'd end up with:

Fifty Shades booty shaking girl. Seriously?! What guy has read those books and why on earth did you keep referring to them as if he knew what the heck you were talking about?!


Organizer girl....Um yeah that could make or break a husband I think. Not thinking she's the one for Sean! 

Selma. Just not his type. Gorgeous face but that's about it.

Girl in the mermaid dress aka "I'm Barbie hi Ken" girl. BLAH. Superficial! 

Girl who fell over in her dress doing flips. You are an idiot. Nuff said. 

Okay on to girls that I liked!

Kelly the southern belle from TN that sang to him. She's purdy!

Taryn. I just like her simply for the fact that she knows NOTHING of the show and or Sean's season last time. Some times no preconceived notions are good! 

Sarah (the beautiful girl with sadly one arm) I was cheering for her. She seriously seems like such a sweet heart.

Tierra. Said all the right things just enough to really make a good impression on Sean. Well Done!

Well what did y'all think? And how about Kacie B making a debut return for Sean? I don't think he'll go for her. Judging from his few min of letting us know that they had "hung out" before she's in the friend zone and staying there.



  1. I loved Kacie on Ben's season and it looks like she figured out how to get her hair right. maybe some moroccan oil this season? I agree that Sean put her into the friend zone, poor thing. Those other girls will eat her alive.

    And yes, I love Sarah too! Even though Sean acted like her not having an arm was one big deal, did you see his body language? He was like leaving wayyy away. She's so gorgeous, and those eyes!

    Leah /// Lovely Life of Leah

  2. whew! holy abs :) and a nice guy underneath them...I never got why Emily didn't pick Sean...but anyway...

    I really like Diana...think an older girl might be good for Sean...surprised to see a few of the girls might have boyfriends- and one that comes to fight for her! this is going to be a crazy season!

  3. I love Sarah! She seems like such a sweetheart and I think she's going to be the main one I'm rooting for. I felt so embarrassed for that 50 shades girl. What on earth was she thinking??

  4. I was also so excited to start watching this show and couldn't agree more with the comment of asking Emily if she is kicking herself :) I agree with your likes of Taryn, Kelly and Sarah! I liked Kacie B from Ben's season but i am not sure they are the right fit! Can't wait to see who he picks, i am so anxious i might be checking reality Steve for some spoilers :) Happy Tuesday!

  5. I really like Sarah, too! Shes gorgeous and a sweetheart! I hope the arm thing isn't a disadvantage... with Sean I don't think it would be! I like Tierra too, but from the previews I've seen I think she goes a little crazy!

  6. I'm so excited for this season! I liked a lot of the ones you mentioned!

  7. I think the wedding dress girl might be a good contender if she A: takes it down a notch (wedding dress day one? too much) and B: learns how to control her liquor (girl, you're on national TV). I can't help but be addicted to the show and all of the crazies! I do like Kacey B. and can't wait to see what happens there.

  8. I think their are too many cray cray girls this season. Lord help that poor boy!

  9. I plan on watching the first episode of The Bachelor tonight with my boyfriend! So I haven't got to watch it yet...but from the previews and blogs about it...I'm super excited to watch it tonight!!!


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