27 January 2013

Facts of Me

Decided at the last minute (only because I live under a rock at times and didn't know about the link up) to link up with Whitney's I wore Yoga Pants to Work! 

Here we go...

Facts of Me

This gets harder and harder the longer you've been a blogger. I feel like I've said random things about me that people already know since I've been blogging since 2009 that's like a super long time in blog world!

 I am the biggest cookie monster ever. 

This means you offer me a cookie, I will not refuse it. 

Better give me 2 just to get me and my hungry paws off your cookies lol.

I kinda think my nose is long from the side, what do you think?

I am a natural blonde. GASP! People always LOVE to question this fact about me. I like to just smile and then silently curse at them under my breath. I guess that's the world's fault with so many falsies wannabe blondes running around in this world! Hard to tell the fakes from the real ones! 

I do NOT have a thing for stuffed animals. 

No really I swear! LOL This animal I had to take home and snap pictures of for my students little journal they take home documenting this animal's overnight stay at their house.
Yours truly had to go "first" to take home the critter.
Hey anything to promote students writing at home! 

This little fur ball is Aspen. She is my WORLD. And I don't care what anyone says, if I ever have human kids, this dog is still #1 and I won't let her be put on the back burner. Not now, not ever. I was NOT raised like that, and I say if you feel like you can't handle both a kid and a dog, then you need to cut other things out of your life to fit it all in! :) 

I often say "GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN" to my students and they think I'm nuts. I am sad when they don't know of the Peanuts gang. 

And there's a few fun tid bits for ya friends! 



  1. I absolutely LOVE cookies. I love my two furbabies, and will NEVER give them up no matter what happens. They are my babies. I hate when people do that :-(

  2. Yay for natural blondies!!!!! :-)

  3. I wish I could say I was a natural blonde... ha.

    Good grief! Love the Peanuts.


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