02 February 2013

Feb RU ary art room happenings!

I've had a heck of a time getting my slower than molasses 4th graders to get it together to finish their ginger bread houses. I am extremely fearful they won't have all but ONE piece of art in our annual art show this April. 

Kinders have been working on their Kandinsky circles. They just love me when I say they get to paint in art today! :) 

I plan to have these in the art show! 

1st grade is currently underway in making their heart mosaics for Valentines day. 

2nd grade just finished up their Winter Cardinals. Love this project. They always turn out so unique! 

We have dabbled into perspective a bit with 6th grade. Here is a scene of winter trees. This was 6th grade's first use of charcoal as a medium in art. Can't say they liked it much lol they reminded me of kinders when they get glue on their hands and wanting to always wash them! 

Speaking of Kinders again, here they are working on their Robert Indiana V Day inspired current project. They crack me up when they asked if they were actually going to "finger paint" today in art. I said, "Yep!"

Speaking of Valentines day, I got mine early from my G ma.
She never disappoints with her 5.00
She is forever in the mindset that I'm 10 and it's the 1980s

Bless her heart!

And here's the baby fluff God love her and her fluff shadow. I am such a lucky happy fur momma! 



  1. I love all the crafts you do with the little ones! Its always too cute & you have the cutest ideas for them always! I bet they just love you :)

  2. I have been following your blog now for a couple months and as a future teacher (one semester left!) I absolutely love seeing all of the projects you do with your students. You seem like an awesome teacher and I love how you don't just do "cutesy" projects all the time but use artists as inspiration and let the kids use new mediums! So encouraging to see what a difference you are making in those student's lives! Keep blogging!

  3. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I wish you taught at my school! Amazing art projects!


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