04 February 2013

Super Bowl Faves

I thought for sure my Google Reader would of been flooded with posts on the Super Bowl but I guess not! :) Woo hoo for me! 

Quick recap:

I cheered for both teams since I am neither a Ravens fan or a 49er's fan 


Most annoying part of the superbowl:

Watching the Ravens pick little fights while playing the game.
Seriously GET OVER it, you are in the super bowl! play like CHAMPIONS not chumps! 

Favorite Commercial

I cried LIKE A BABY. Seriously. Who makes a a minute 33 second commercial to make me cry?  Budweiser. Holy moly.  I felt like I was watching the beginning of War Horse, which I couldn't make it through the first 30 min of it without bawling either. 

Moving on...

Half Time

Beyonce KILLED IT. 

Best Half Time Show performance I've seen in YEARS. 

All the women at the Super Bowl party squealed and shrieked when Destiny's Child came out on stage. That was seriously the highlight of my night. 

Kelly and Michelle looked BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous women! 

Annoying factor #2 from last night
Other than the Black out causing the game to run late, 

I really dislike how the announcers brought up the whole Ray Lewis "murder" is he isn't he charge. RIDICULOUS.

From Steelers to Ravens even to Michael Vick the dog killer, I mean have we learned nothing people?

Football players get a slap on the wrists. That's it. 


What were some of your gripes and loves for this years Super Bowl? 



  1. Holy crap girl! I missed that commercial and am BAWLING! How sweet. And I agree, I had lots of "so glad the murderer won" facebook status. Annoying!

  2. Totally squealed with delight to see Destiny's child. All my husband could do was roll his eyes. Found your blog through Life as Sunset. Super cute! Can't wait to read more.

  3. I also thought it was ridiculous that the Raven's picked SO many fights during the game! C'mon guys, you're in the Superbowl...show some class!

  4. I had the same thoughts with all the fighting during the game. It was so uncalled for. I kept saying to the tv "aren't you thankful to be in the superbowl?" And yes, Clydesdales -precious!!

  5. that Budweiser commercial made me cry too! but there weren't too many others that stuck out in my mind this year.

  6. My goodness I bawled too at the Clydesdale. And then the hubs made me watch it AGAIN yesterday and I cried allll over again.

  7. That is such a sweet commercial! I live in Canada so I didn't see it Sunday, thanks for posting!

  8. That commercial is so precious!!! LOVE it. It reminds me of the youtube video of Christian the Lion. If you haven't seen it, you must!


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