18 February 2013

For Sale!

I am selling my anthropologie dress that I wore only for this photograph! I was going to wear it to Church on X mas, but it was so cold out, that I ended up wearing pants instead! 

Dress is size small.

As you can see, the size small fits a vast range of body types from Miss Hailee who is itty bitty, to the tall 5'8" me:)

Dress was 168 I bought it on sale for 65 ( I think)  I'd take 55 for it (I pay shipping to you) Or make me an offer!

Dress is currently on Ebay for a minimum of $88 via other sellers (I looked) 

Any takers?!! :)

Why am I selling? 
I am selling because never hang on to clothes that I don't wear over and over--cleaning house so to speak or my closet rather! 

Comment below or email me if interested!

I accept paypal! 


1 comment:

  1. Cute dress! You should try Poshmark. I hear that is a great way to sell clothes these days!


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