12 February 2013

The Grammys or should I say the Chis Brown and Rihanna show?

I LOVE watching the grammys every year. Hearing and watching the artists perform their songs is nothing less than fabulous, but I felt like this year, it was the Chris Brown and Rihanna show. 

Did anyone else feel this way? 

Every time she was on stage the cameras would zoom in on Chris to see his "reaction" and vice versa. It was really annoying! 

The controversial couple’s Grammy experience four years ago went a little differently, when Chris physically assaulted Rihanna the night before the 2009 event. Chris is still serving probation for the incident.

This was released to the public not all that long after it happened. Yes, this is Rihanna. 

So why in the heck is someone as amazing as Rihanna STILL hung up on this guy? Why why why is she so reliving the battered wife syndrome? After 4 years of court orders of him having to stay away, now she's the one that can't? I just don't get it.

I don't think it's any secret that Chris Brown has some serious ANGER issues. He tears up dressing rooms, and doesn't seem to care that cameras and paparazzi capture his little tantrums on film! 

In related Brown news, the 23-year-old singer is under investigation for an alleged assault that involved fellow singer Frank Ocean. The incident took place in West Hollywood, Calif. on Monday allegedly over a parking spot.


 I can't help but think that it's like we, the American people are Rihanna, and the government is Chris Brown. We keep taking the abuse and keep voting for,it every four years! lol


I just wish for her to see there are OTHER FISH IN THE SEA!!! :) 

*All info on this matter was searched via google! 



  1. Your comparison to them and us and the government is AMAZING.


  2. i thought the SAME thing! i was so mad that they had front row seats, almost like it was planned. it made me angry looking at them together. she's supposed to be a "role model" for young girls. so so sad.
    also, did you know he has a tattoo of a battered woman on his neck? um, gross.
    i so loved the grammys this year, but hated this part.

  3. I agree, but I thought it was really the TAYLOR SWIFT show! Every performance cut to Taylor, dancing around like it was her birthday party. Out-of-control. I feel like Rhianna totally stole the show, she looked breathtaking, and her performance wasn't that bad either. I don't understand her obsession with that man, at all. He is such a poor loser, ugh, when Frank Ocean won he couldn't even stand up and show respect, as if!

  4. I totally feel the same way. Between them and T. Swift I wanted to throw things at my TV!

  5. I agree! I was really bummed to see them together. What kind of role model is she for other girls?? Urghhhh!


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