18 February 2013

Happy Birthday to Michael Jordan!

So YESTERDAY, February 17, 2013 was Michael Jordan's 50th Birthday. 

I feel so lucky to have grown up in Chicago and to of been a part of his era of greatness. There was nothing better as a kid, than getting to go to a Bulls game and see the man play on the court!

I found this video on youtube, I think it sums up his greatness! :) 

Much respect Michael Jordan, you are such an inspiration and great role model to all! 
What kid didn't have this poster in their room growing up? (If you were a guy that is) 



  1. Oh MJ. I seriously dipped him mine back in the day because we had the same initials. I have always always loved MJ. I cannot even believe he is 50. 50 and still looking fly. :)

  2. He lives here in Orlandddoooo! I'll never forget when he walked into the restaurant I used to bartend at and I accidentally started telling everyone "Michael Jackson is here!" Yeah, no. Embarrassing.


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