25 January 2013

Friday Funny

I saw this on a friend's facebook wall the other day and nearly fell off my chair. Pretty sums up EXACTLY how I feel at this point and age in my life! 

When I waitress, I am one of the oldest staff at my work! How stinky is that? I work with all newly 20 ish kids and some days it is just so hard to relate or be around their mentality of lets go to the bar and get hammered every weekend! So glad those years are behind me!
Have a good weekend! 



  1. Hang in there, lady! I'm only 25, but I don't relate to the lets go get drunk at the bar EVERY weekend. Drives me nuts! I hate being hung over the next day and I just don't see the point. I do like a couple drinks ever now and then but really....Guess I'm a boring old lady?!

  2. I have this saved on my phone and look at it when I need a laugh. So true. SO so true.


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