07 January 2013

Movie Reviews

I was able to get out over winter break and see a few movies in the Theater!

First up:

Les Miserables

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I went to see this movie ALONE. Ladies, don't try to drag your boyfriends, fiance' or husbands to this if they don't dig artsy films esp since this entire movie is a SINGING movie.

Les Meserables was TERRIFIC. The music was bone chilling. 

Anne Hataway blew me away with her singing. Her song (solo) was so sorrowful I mean I almost bawled in the theater. 

Fun fact:
This film was totally sung LIVE! Meaning, all the actors had ear pieces in that fed them the symphony in their ears so they could hear themselves sing along.

I am posting a youtube clip of the actors talking about this, so you can under stand more about what I just mentioned.

Next film: DJango

I had never seen any of Tarantino 's films before, but have heard time and time again, that they/were/are over the top with blood guts and gore, but I didn't think this one was all that bad. 

This film touches heavily on slavery and says the "N" word a ton in the film to the point where you feel a bit uneasy. You also see Jamie Foxx full on nude and ladies. GULP. Cover those eyes! 

Both movies were great and I was happy for once to pay the 9 bucks for the ticket for once to see them! 



  1. Oh, I've been wanting to see both of these movies. Now I want to see them even more! Will have to try rope a girl friend into going to see Les Mis with me. Doubt the Mr would dig it from what you've said!

    Hope you have a very happy new year!

    Amelia @ Ducklingtoswan.com! :) xxx

  2. I want to see Les Mis so badly and I think I'm going to go by myself, too. Eric has NO desire and my only girl friend that wants to see it has three kids and a very strained schedule... Popcorn for one! :)

  3. These are the two movies currently in theaters I want to see! Thanks for the reviews - I really need to go ASAP! Props to you for going to the movies solo, love it!

  4. I've been wanting to see both movies. I don't love Tarantino but this one I want to see.
    les mis will probably be a movie for home but that's because I don't like going to the movies alone lol although when I was in high school I saw Pearl Harbor alone

  5. I've been wanting to see Les Mis so badly! I love musicals but my fiance hates them, so I might have to see it alone like you did or with some girlfriends. Thanks for the movie review! :)

  6. i loved les mis so much! i had low expectations for anne's singing, but she nailed it!


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