12 January 2013

Current Music LOVE

I am totally digging Bruno Mar's new album. I kid you not kids, this wild cat is super talented and his voice and unique music sound blows me away.

If you haven't already, give his new album a listen! My favorite track on the album is called 
Very fitting for the cover of his album right? 


The other song I am totally crunching on is 

It has this 70-80s sound to it. Almost reminds me of Michael Jackson in a way. I just love it. Not like a lot of the repetitive crap you hear on the radio today.

Any stellar albums out there y'all are loving lately?
It's pretty rare to find artists who make an entire cd of songs that I love! 



  1. I just absolutely love his voice and style! Thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard these. I have been listening to Mute Math recently, pretty good! :)

  2. I am currently loving the Pitch Perfect soundtrack!

    1. That's on my list of movies to see I haven't seen it yet!

  3. Obsessed with him & his album. Treasure is definitely a fave of mine :)

  4. His cd is hands down my favorite from last year. I also really like Imagine Dragons!


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