12 November 2010

BPA Container FREE!

Well, after conversing with Mister Wonderful about my concerns with my pretty old nasty Tupperware containers, I finally went out and got all GLASS no plastic containers to store, heat up or freeze food in.

The Container Store LOVED me today that's for sure! Spent a good chunk of change in there converting all our containers!

If you are/were like me, and don't know what BPA is,  GOOGLE BPA PLASTIC and see what you find. I can't believe I have been so in the dark about this for all these years. It NEVER occurred to me that heating up left overs in your plastic storage container could contaminate your food from the plastic!!! I mean good god people think of all the TV dinners people eat for meals that come on those plastic trays.....

How much you wanna bet they don't say BPA free on the bottom!? (I can't check because we don't ever buy tv dinners!)

So, I give you, CMae's updated fridge and cabinets!!

Now I have seen some posts from family bloggers that don't even buy milk or water in plastic containers. 
Mister Wonderful and I discussed this and in our opinion, think this is a bit much. Milk is never exposed to the heat obvi and same with our water bottles. We don't take them with us or leave them in cars, so therefore we feel we don't need to store the water in alternative containers. (Notice the Fiji water eh? Mister Wonderful "swears" this is the best water he has ever tasted) Notice my Nestle water. Haha I don't think there is a dang bit of difference personally other than the shape of the container they come in!

I'm pretty convinced that we have the world's smallest fridge (thanks to via landlord lol who bought the bottom basic of all appliances UGH) I've never had a fridge that didn't have a drawer for meat and cheese, or a side panel that wasn't big enough to store your eggs in! Grrrrr

These are some of my new containers Glass! Sorry the fruit looks so dark! there are Blueberries and blackberries in these! 

I even got a container to store my lunchmeat and cheeses in. 

Here are my lovely kitchen cabinets with my new BPA free storage containers for food! 
Now the containers on the left are Rubbermaid and plastic but they are BPA FREE and say so on every bottom and top of the containers which means I can continue to use them in the microwave to heat up food and not worry about anything bad!

Bye bye old no namer no brand really of containers I got looooooong ago in college. What a mistake. Can't believe I kept them this long! 

Well what are your thoughts? Had any of you heard about BPA?



  1. You look so organized! I am slowly switching over to glass containers too. It's so scary to think about all those frozen meals I have eaten throughout the years. They also say you shouldn't ever wash plastic water bottles in the dish washer... I am guilty of that too!

  2. your comment cracked me up. I think nursing is very strange. I was nursed and I was sick ALL THE TIME when I was little which is one of the reasons they say nursing is better, baby gets sick less...whatever. I'm going to "try" it and if it doesn't work out I don't think I'll really care. And, the hubs and I are slowly switching to glass. If it was up to him we would live on a farm somewhere and make all of our own food...ha!

  3. I am your newest follower ;)

  4. Yep I'm inspired. My travel cups are all BPA free but I cook so much and take leftovers to work 4 out of 5 days a week & honestly never gave thought to the plastic tupperware! Great post, & I don't have a spot for my eggs either. Boo.


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