18 November 2010

Rising Costs of Shopping!? Ugh

Kinda burnt out on all the "Gossip" blog posts for now. Time to write a serious one.

Is it just me, or does anyone else DREAD buying groceries? 3 to 4 years ago, I used to spend 60-80 dollars on groceries just for me. This would last me probably 2-3 weeks.

Lately, all  I hear on the news, radio, Glenn Beck, etc etc is rising prices of well just about EVERYTHING.

I hate spending money on food. HATE IT. I can't help but feel it's such a waste! You hardly get anything and it's all so expensive!

This leads me to my guilt diary blog entry......

Gulp. I am going to be in so much trouble if Mister Wonderful reads this post.

I went to the mall yesterday to start/finish my X mas shopping. I was able to get some of the things I needed for my stocking person this year. But in true C Mae fashion, instead of getting back into my car after the one store, I made the uber mistake of walking into the mall.......

Mister Wonderful and I have been working real hard on getting my CC bills down. I have NEVER had any CC debt till I moved this summer. I had like 5,000 saved in my savings, which soon got depleted when I had to rent a U haul, then a cargo van to move my school stuff, first months bills, converting my CO plates to AZ (Any az resident knows it's very expensive to get your license plates!) followed by endless "little" things.

Well, I owe like 700 dollars on my one CC bill. (Vet visit bills and other things) and I owed just 300 on the other one because I made a 500 dollar payment on it 2 weeks ago.

After my mall trip, I added up my receipts. Drum Roll. I so totally spent everything that I had just paid off 2 weeks ago, and I 'm NOT EVEN DONE X MAS SHOPPING!!!!!

I felt such tremendous guilt as I'd sign my name to the receipts. To the point where I was almost shaking with nervousness. As if I was committing a crime! That's how bad I felt about everything! I know most say shopping is like retail therapy for them. Not me! more like it will put me in therapy for everything I spent!

I hadn't bought any new clothes since moving here really. Last shopping trip I had was when mister wonderful and I went to Vegas in June. So needless to say I was going through major withdrawl.

I couldn't believe though, price tags on clothes. I mean just to buy say two sweaters it costs around 100 bucks! I look back and thought, were my clothes always this ridiculously expensive? Was I just feeling the pinch more because I am no longer waitressing 4 nights a week? Is it okay to spend 60 dollars on a sweater?

Yes, these are 2 of the sweaters that I got from the Limited ( they give a Teacher discount so here I think I'm saving big right? ) 

I heart the limited. It's perfect for teaching and perfect for just my everyday clothes or dress up going out clothes. I am def way past the buy-a-cute-wear-once-to-the-bar-types-of-shirts. Those days are well kinda so in the past for me! 

I'm not a "sale" shopper kind of girl. Never have been. I can never get my size or the 'exact' one thing I wanted if I 'wait" for the good price Blah. I'm no walmart apparel shopper either. Not my thing. 

Maybe this is my problem. Or isn't it? 

Reality is prices on EVERYTHING is going up. Our value of our dollar is pretty much nothing. It's no wonder China is super pissed at the US. 

End guilt post. For those who actually read it-Kudos! 



  1. I dread Christmas shopping, I'm gonna have to open up a CC. EEP!

  2. if you sign up for the limited's email list, they email you coupons a LOT! plus, they send bday coupons too. lots of times when i walk in they will hand me a coupon.. they prob have 1-2 a month that lasts for a few weeks. :) most stores are like that now, if you sign up to get their emails, they send you coupons.

  3. I understand you a lots.I had this kind of problem previuosly too.My credit card had off limits and I paid and I used again,which meant it never ended.Until someday a bank officer sent a letter to my parent's home.My mum helped me paid off the debts.I was full of guilts as I'm adults now.Shouldn't I pay my own bills?After that,I don't even dare to touch on the credit cards.I still love shopping nowadays,but I use cash instead.

    Your follower,

  4. Oh goodness, I hear ya. I can't even tell you how many times (when I was single, pre-Husband) I'd be standing in line at the grocery store holding my basket of food and flat of toilet paper and think to myself, "I don't really *need* food, do I? Toilet paper? Do I really need this?"

    (Of course, yes- I did. And do. But it just seemed like much more fun to blow that money on clothes! Not toilet bowl cleaner and frozen dinners, ew.)

    The Limited is great and they've been running a bunch of great promos lately, including online (25% off on everything + free shipping, at the moment!). They've really upped the ante lately by adding a few trendier pieces to their roster, but they do classic pieces so well, too! Love them.

  5. I have a really hard time shopping because things cost so much. I couldn't bring myself to spend $100 on just 2 sweaters =/ though the ones you posted are SO cute! I loathe grocery shopping simply based on the fact that you spend so much and have to do it all over again in 2 weeks! =/

  6. I too loathe grocery shopping, I can think of a LOT of fun ways to spend money & food is NOT one of them. Groceries have inclined in price drastically...the plus of this is you get to use your new glass containters bu cooking & saving. I put some chili in the crock pot this morning & since it's just me & my son I'll be freezing half the batch!
    Happy Friday~

  7. I've been feeling super guilty about spending money too since we've been focusing on eliminating debt. As I see it, Christmas is unavoidable, so I'll just deal with the damage once it's over.

  8. Ugh, I know how you feel. It's hard to get ahead because as soon as you do, something else comes up! Whether it's another vert bill, or getting car maintenance, it's always something!

    I gave you a blog award today on my blog, by the way!

  9. alright sweetie, i sometimes have those guilty feelings too after shopping, but if you needed the cloths, then it's OK to splurge a little bit.

    with that being said, you need to jump on the coupon bandwagon--i cannot tell you how much money i save using store coupon's from inserts in the paper, emails from deals they're having online, etc. it will help and then you can save lots, too!!!

  10. Ugh I feel your pain I've never had CC's until last year and I have one that is huge (Lowe's) because of the BF purchases.. but then I have mine which I've stopped using but I always make minimum payments so I need to just pay that sucker off.

    Prices are TOTALLY going up but The Limited clothes will last you forever compared to cheap ones. Totally teacher appropriate.

    I read something the other day that said shop like you'll wear it on a Tuesday night because, none of us actually live Saturday night lives. Totally true..


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