22 November 2010

Thank Yous Blog Award

I am probably the WORST blogger ever since I never post about getting awards from others. There are a few of you that have given me one or 2, and I feel terrible I never play the "game" of pick your fave and send them a note saying you tagged them. My apologies. I'm weird like that.

Thank you,from Molly over at Tupelo Love. She Bestowed the honor of giving me a stylish blog award. Merci Madame!

Did anyone watch the AMA's last night? Mister Wonderful and I were so HAPPY Michael Buble' won an award finally!!!!!! He's so talented and his win has long been over due!

 Taylor Swift did a pretty good job of singing live for once. She was sporting straight hair.

 Rihanna. Wow. What to say. Loved her songs but it would of been nice of her to cover up some. The whole time mister wonderful kept commenting on how trashy she looked with all her stuff showing. YUCK.

I gotta hand it to this guy. I can't stand him personally (simply because all my students are obsessed with him) but he had one of the best performances of the night. Job well done Bieber. Classy of him to not only share the stage with his mentor Usher, but he even thanked Michael Jackson!!!

I'm late to work, otherwise I'd ramble on about NYOB and BSB and Christina Aguilera's song. 

What did you think?



  1. I was so happy for MG too!! And he looked handsome!!! I thought Diddy's song/performance was good. And Kid Rock surprised me as well. Was not a fan of Rhianna's outfit either. We were talking about it the whole time she was on stage

  2. I didn't watch it =/ But good job for Buble -- I have always been shocked that he has never won.
    Now I have to go youtube/google Christina's performance -- I LOVE her so I hope it was good!!

  3. Alright you know I watched so here we go:

    Michael Buble- My dad and I said the exact same thing last night! VERY excited he won because I'd say it is hard for him to pull out a win against the other artists he is sometimes nominated with.

    Rhianna- I agree! She needed to COVER up that gi-rating! SHEEEW! You gotttta love her songs though and the one she performed last night is my favorite at the moment but did you also think she seemed a little ARROGANT?? Did you see her slap that girl/presenter on the butt when she recieved her award as they were walking off stage? Hellllo drunkey? haha

    Beiber- I agree, his performance was awesome last night ( did you hear his voice shriek one time in the beginning!? Could it be? Puberty is hitting haha) He IS a good performer...but I hate how he swept the awards...even though I am sure he is deserving....

    Taylor - I LIKED the edgy look...I did not even know that was her until she won something and got up to accept it!!!

    That my friend is my 2 cents haha

  4. i missed the awards!!! and the only reason i'm sad i missed them is because of buble! i LOVE him, he is very talented and i just swoon over his voice ;) it's amazing!

  5. I totally missed the AMAs, but wow, Rihanna's outfit is definitely... interesting LOL!
    I am not a fan of Bieber at ALL!

  6. Agreed! Bieber was at least on key.
    I was starting to wonder if it was the AMA sound system or something crazy?!

    I'm a huge Rihanna fan but wasn't thrilled with her perfomance. :/

  7. I was super happy for M. Buble too! Love him. And in regards to NKOTB&BSB... they werent tooooo good.... and im worried because I just bought tickets for their concert in July lol.


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