01 November 2010

Photo 101

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

My camera that is!  $165 dollar repair. Oh wait. That's right. There was technically NOTHING to repair! Ha! That's what they told me! it was just in desperate need of a deep cleaning...a lot of gunk build up caused my camera's shutter to malfunction, this me freaking out that I had broke my daddy's gift to me (his 1970s) camera that he let me have for Photo classes in College.

Whew! huge sigh of relief! Nothing wrong is GReAT considering how old the sucker is! So I called my dad to find out that the stupid thing has never even had a cleaning in all these years! WOW. Really? It made it from 1970 to 2010 without anything wrong? Now that's what you call a camera well made!!!

Detox update for you all (incase you were wondering) ha..

So that whole trouble with #2 bit I mentioned? WELL....

Since my colon cleanse, and me taking my colon cleanse capsules every night, I can proudly boast that I now got to the bathroom like a normal person! haha At least 2 times a day! That has to be a record!!! Woo hoo! hahahahahah

I have been doing a lot better about drinking more of this...

You would think me living in AZ I'd be thirsty all the time. Negative Ghost rider. But, I have found water to be so much more appealing to drink at home by just adding sliced lemons in my awesome cobalt pitcher that I have had from Pier  1 for a few years. It finally is getting some use again!

Sorry for a lame post, not much exciting going on till mister wonderful comes back from his visiting his fam in Ohio!

Peace out cub scouts!



  1. i rather enjoyed your post! i'm so glad you got your camera fixed, that is truly awesome. keep your fingers crossed when i get mine fixed it doesn't cost a lot either :)

  2. I am from Ohio! How cool :) & I always love lemon in my water, gives it a little kick. Try lime or oranges sometime!

  3. That camera certainly can stand the test of time! Glad to see your "feeling" better. ;)

  4. ice water with lemon is always better!

  5. I love old cameras! My dad is a photographer, as was his dad, and my brother. I wish I had the gift. I need a Photography for Dummies book so I can learn the basics!


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