03 November 2010

To Eat or not to eat....

Did anyone watch Oprah on Monday? I was of course still at work teaching, so I had to recap and watch it on You Tube.

In case you missed it, Oprah had on Ellen Degeneres' wife Portia de Rossi, who opened up about her eating disorder.

At her lowest of 82 ibs

At her best! the day she married Ellen!! :) 

I couldn't help but be fascinated by her story.

Portia, (who's "real" name is Amanda Rogers) began her battle with weight when she landed the role on Ally McBeal. I couldn't help but recall how much scrutiny Calista Flockhart got for being SO SKINNY on that show. I never knew Portia was the one with the actual eating disorder! I had heard all about her co star (former Melrose place star Courtney-Thorne Smith) leaving the show because of the network pressuring her to lose weight. It's no wonder Portia went through what she did!

Here is a clip from Oprah.

I went out to buy her book, "Unbearable Lightness." I hope to start reading it this weekend.

Also picked up People on my way to the check out counter at Barnes and Noble when I saw she was on the cover!

I can't help but recall all the famous celebs that have suffered from this. I remember being a small girl, and hearing how devastated my mom was when a singer she liked, Karen Carpenter, died from anorexia.  If you don't know who the Carpenters are, google them! They were famous in the 70s!

Here's a picture.

I remember reading an article that her brother shared with a magazine about how his sister's eating disorder all started. All because some girl from the music industry suggested her to lose a few pounds to better her "image" in the music industry.

DISGUSTING right!?!?! Who gave them the right to say such things!?!!? GRRRRR!!!

Other anorexics/bulimics

Growing Pains, Tracy Gold.

Mary-Kate Olsen. Let's get real people. Why else does she wear such hideous clothes that are 5 sizes to big for her? she hides it well.

I think this one is the latest celeb in denial about her "problem"

Do celebs think we, the people can't see? ANYONE who is FIT and in shape can clearly see this ISN'T fit or being in shape! Her face is gaunt and larger than her body! her arms look disgusting. She is well boney. Perhaps they do this to give us something to talk about.

There were other stars too, in the early 90s that dealt with eating disorders. Christina Ricci. The red headed girl from Clueless,  Elisa Donovan. 
Susan Dey from The Partridge Family.

 There are TOO MANY to list them all. it's sad. 

Maybe I feel drawn to Portia's story because I feel, that every girl in their own way, even if they are a size 4 like me, struggle with maintaining their weight. No one wants to put on weight. And yet we feed off the comments of you look skinny or have you lost weight? This fuels us to go even further. I'm 5'8" and my weight bounces between 128-131 weekly. Why is being a size 2 or 0 seen as beauty? I don't get it. Men out there--- you like bones? really? Is a woman you love really less beautiful if she adds 5-10 ibs on? It's a harsh world. 

What do you think?



  1. be sure to tell us how that book is!

  2. Scary! I had no idea that Portia was down to such a small size. It's sad that these diseases can take such a toll on people's lives.

  3. I LOVE this post. You spoke my mind exactly. I missed Oprah's episode and I am SO mad. It is a growing problem and something that I think EVERY girl thinks about once or twice a day. Thanks for your honesty. Oh and for the record, I saw Tori in person a month or so ago and she is not as skinny as magazines make her out to be!

  4. I think that it is amazingly sad because she is a gorgeous gorgeous girl! They all are! I had never seen a picture of Karen Carpenter :/ It's so so so sad


  5. i just saw a clip of ellen talking about portia's new book! glad portia got it under control!

  6. I agree with you about Tori spelling... always thought she had a problem. Even when she was on BH 90210 she got smaller and smaller but now she is just way to skinny! Great post :] I enjoyed reading it!

  7. such a thought provoking post... it really IS scary that people in our country are like that. i love to be fit and healthy, but not to THAT extreme and i know my fiance hates it when i get too thin--yes, boys like some meat on a girl's bones =) can't wait to hear how the book is!

  8. Love this post! You hit everything dead on! I think Tori Spelling IS in denial about her weight. I hate to hear the celebs who have babies blame it on their too busy running around after their kids to eat...I would NEVER lost that kind of time to sit down and grab a bite to eat. You would need ENERGY to keep up with those babies! I remember watching the movie (Lifetime or a VH1 movie I believe) about The Carpenters....her case was BAD, obviously, it took her life. Such a waste, her voice was beautiful. It IS a BIG mental illness that is for sure. I saw Portia's story on ET last night...I had NO IDEA.

  9. Great post!
    My cousin who is FIFTEEN NOW suffered from anorexia when she was THIRTEEN!!! She's 5'8" and at the time weighed about 100 lbs! it was so sad to watch
    Great post -- I wish there wasn't such pressure on women to be tip top all the time. And some people just aren't built to be a size 2! And I think muscle is way sexier than bones on anybody =)

  10. I didn't catch that Oprah but I have it DVR'd I'll have to watch. It's amazing what women put themselves though I can't imagine it. I'd rather be happy and full than skinny and depressed.

  11. Regardless of Tori Spelling says, it's obvious she isn't healthy. Whether it's from an eating disorder or whatever else, she looks awful.

    Every girl has their insecurities, including me. Great post!

  12. I watched ellen today and Portia was on her wife's show...I am now on Chapter 7 in her book man her life just was well awful she really truly HATED herself, her body.....what an awful feeling to feel everyday .

  13. This is a GREAT post!! So evident especially in Hollywood & every gossip magazine & or social lite out there. It is sad. I remember weight NEVER crossing my mind. I'm 5'8 also I grew up tall & lean playing volleyballe acting whatever I wanted. Not I'm 27, had a baby, and am SO much more aware of my weight--I flucuate within 10 lbs as well...and I am a health nut & run...Soceiety is a constant reminder and pressure to be SKINNY. Bones are not cute, so why do we all want to keep losing just "5 more lbs" ... I want to get her book! Again great post, thanks for the read & clip :)

  14. Great Post...Let me know how the book is. I did see the show, and you made some great points! Love reading your blogg, great job. I wish I had time and creativity to put into mine:)


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