08 November 2010

From Blogger to F a c e b o o k

Okay.  I have a question for you bloggers.


Is it weird to add fellow Blog "friends" to your "Friends" On Facebook? I ask because I have  found some of you on FB! And you all look just as lovely on your default pics as you do on your Blog pics!

I ask because, well, if you add someone to Facebook from Blogging, anything you have not mentioned in the blog, becomes well ahem.....all hanging out there to see ( like your birthday, where you live, your first and last name, where you went to college, your husband/boyfriend/fiancee' name etc etc) and if you are a blogger that hasn't let all bloggers know this kind of info does Facebook reveal to much?

Or is facebook like blogging in the sense of...you use it to well network? Meet people. Talk to new people.

Or are you the other type? Facebook is only for "Real" people you know.

Thoughts please...as I have said, I found a few of ya on FB and thought about adding y'all, but wasn't sure if that was kosher or not with everyone.

Facebook Statistics

Facebook joke.gif
  • 120 million active users worldwide
  • 85% of students in college have a Facebook account
  • 60% of which sign on daily with an average of 20 minutes spent on the site
  • 4th most-trafficked website in the world
  • Most-trafficked social media site in the world
  • 1/4 companies block Facebook from their employees
  • Revenue is 300 million USD (2008 est.)
  • There are 700 Employee (November 2008)
  • Over 55,000 regional, work-related, collegiate, and high school networks
  • More than half of Facebook users are outside of college
  • The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older

What do you think?



  1. 1.) I love LOVE the song on your blog right now!! I started bouncing the minute it came up!!

    2.) I actually think that blogs can hold more information than facebook. At least in the feeling sense. We put more out there in blogs.

    But do what makes you feel comfortable:)

  2. Hmm. This is a tough one. And I've definitely thought of it before. I think if you are really "close" to another blogger i.e. e-mail back in forth, comment on each other's posts a lot, or have met in person that wouldn't be weird at all.
    The only problem is, where do you draw the line? Like, there are a LOT of bloggers out there...ya know?

  3. Interesting... I'm not sure where I stand on the whole FB/Blogger thing.

    Honestly, not a lot of my family or friends {those on FB} know about my blog. I started my blog purely for me and now have fun with it.

    I rarely get on Facebook anymore but I would have to say I use it to reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with them.

    I share different information on FB than I do on my blog and vice versa. Some stuff is the same, yes, but it's a different audience. I guess that's the best way I know how to put it.

  4. I've thought about this myself. (Glad we are FB friends now, btw!) I think you have to get to the point in your blog friendship where it's ok, where you know the person will accept the request and not be like "who is this person?!". And some people want it completely separated. But like me - I have a link to FB on my blog. And I didn't bother with a separate blog email address, because I'm lazy. My email has my last name which as you know is soooooo rare, there is no mistaking me for someone else!! (oh how I wish to marry a Smith, Brown or Jones so I can have some anonymity!! Ha!) However I also make sure I really do know the person whose request I am accepting! There are too many weirdos out there. And the above comment about how we tend to share more on blogs is SO TRUE. 9/10 of my FB friends are not people I talk to anymore, they have no idea what is going on in my life, whereas my blog friends know so much more. I've written you a novel, bottom line in my opinion: this is a tough one!

  5. @ Jessica- Same thing I don't think a single family member on FB knows about my blog...even though it's listed under websites on FB haha......I"m not sure I'd want them to read my "Thoughts" that I write about on here! ha..

  6. i say its OK if you plan to communicate via facebook {msgs, chat, comments, wall} and if you are REALLY interested in what your fellow blogger is up to on a daily basis. i FB all the time- i have a badge on my blog and it wouldn't bother me if i knew that a follower of my blog wanted to be FB friends as well ;)

  7. I actually added a Facebook thingy mabobber (button?) to my Blog. I have actually made a great friend through Blogger and we became Facebook Friends about a month ago! I feel like I have pretty good instinct of people (therefore if you decided to add me then I wouldn't think you were an ax murderer, and if you think you can come and rob me - I assure you - I have NO money :) hahaha

    Also- You are welcome for the shoutout! It was/is well deserved! I think it is safe to say that Daisy May has pretty much recovered from surgery...we just have ti wait about 2 weeks to have her stitches taken out. And about the bathing we're doing great. I basically wait until I take her to the groomers now! Which is Petsmart who I believe you said you take Aspen too, I LOOOVED them! She goes back Nov 20th to be groomed so I think I am going to hold out until then to have her bathed. She cannot be bathed while she has her stitches in anyhow.....

    WOW that was super long...I am sure an email would have been more appropriate but its a leeettle late for that haha Hope your day is going great!!

  8. Eh I'm so so about FB with Blogger. I don't let my real friends know about my blog I just don't think they would use it for the same things I'd like it to be seen for so I keep it separate, but I am friends with a few girls from Blogger on FB.

  9. oh! lets add each other! i looked you up the other day.. hahaha :) email me and i will give you my info. :)

  10. This is a very good question!! I think at some point you get to a certain level with bloggy friends that its okay to add eachother. I probably am friends with 5 girls from the blog world!! And I think we should be fb friends too!! :)

  11. Very interesting question! I am friends with a handful of Bloggers on FB that I would email/tweet/comment back and forth for a lot with! And then of course with the few I've met in real life.


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