18 March 2011

List of 10

Things I Noticed About My Week
{1} I am so much more of a happy energized person if my day could only always start after 9 a.m.
{2} There is never enough time to do everything you want.
{3} Family members aren't created equal. Some will knife you when you least expect it. (Any of you that are my FB friend probably saw that nasty post)
{4} I am convinced Sunshine is the cure all for anyone having a bad day.
{5} Living in Scottsdale is pretty much the best town everrrrrr to live in Arizona.
{6}Sometimes opting for that chocolate chip cookie instead of that apple or orange is just the pick me up you need.
{7} Life doesnt get much better than nice weekends with the people or animals we love and nice weather!
{8} I would truly not be this happy and content without my furchild.
{9} I need Sundays to be commitment free. I just do.(other than church of course)
{10} Plan it. Do it. Its that simple.


I am relieved to see some posts in my window! Many bloggers are participating in that no blogging today for Japan yadda yadda stuff.

 Not to be mean, BUT......

How does not blogging help? News flash, you wanna help, you DONATE money. Sorry. Plain Fact but true. You not writing on blogger doesn't help anyone. It's not like the people of Japan are going to log on and see this or be like AWWW people that have blogs are keeping silent for the day! WTF!?!? Really?! Does nothing my friends. Sorry. My opinion.

We already reserve a moment of silence each time we say the Pledge of Allegiance every day at school, because of 9/11. I  personally think it's ridiculous. We didn't do that when we got attacked in WWII now did we? Come on. Just keepin it real people! Thats all. Happy Friday to ALL!



  1. I like my Sundays to be committment free, too.. b/c I do 10 THOUSAND things that day...grocery shop, clean, etc. :) And I love days starting after 9am as well... even though they never do.

    I understand your thoughts on the blogger silence day, but the whole thing was created to raise awareness AND funds. Through promoting it on blogger, people are also promoting the fundraising for efforts to help Japan. The two bloggers that started it have already raised over 30 thousand dollars. See their site here: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/utterly-engaged/shelter-box-usa

    So if someone just wants to be silent, that's there thing out of respect for Japan and hopefully raising awareness. But, there are plenty of bloggers out there donating... me included. :)

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. I totally agree about the "day of silence" for Japan. Donating your prayers/your money/your time/your resources/etc. is what's more important.

    Thank you for being REAL.

  3. Agreed that sunshine is a cure-all for almost anything! I love it.

    And I absolutely love number 10 on your list. So simple, but so true.

  4. My brother lives in Scottsdale... once he moved there from CT he never came back and I know why! I need to get out there to visit.

    That's why we blog - to express our opinions so no apology needed. I provided a resource of organizations accepting donations on Monday and hope I may have encouraged readers to help by doing so.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Well said. I'm glad you spoke your mind. I think it is very easy to put a picture of a place to donate and nothing else on my blog, but did I really do anything? All that really matters for me is if I donate.

  6. i agree with you on the no silence thing. I dont understand how that helps...any situation for that matter.

  7. I agree! I don't know how a day of no blogging/silence is helpful. I blogged today :)

  8. soooo true about not blogging for Japan. WTF. how does it help? by awareness?? EVERYONE know what happened over there! it's all over the news, facebook, twitter, blogs,shopping sites and even my bank website!! i know. i get it. not blogging isn't going to do a damn thing.

  9. girl, I hear you on the day of silence stuff. Reminds me of those facebook status things where you post your bra color....how does that help with curing breast cancer again?


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