03 March 2011

St. Pattys Day What to Wear?!?

St. Patricks Day is just around the corner. I have scoured the usual clothing apparel sites for that "cute" shirt.

Blah. What a disappointment!!! I haven't found anything good this year!

The pictures above are all from Urban Outfitters. I dig the green polish, but that's it!

Anybody find any good "finds"?



  1. since you like scarves you should do a white crew and i green and white stripe scarf that would be cute!! i haven't found anything yet either .. like the first nail polish alot!!

  2. Green Nail polish wouldn't be bad at all! :)
    I think a cute green shirt would be fun! Green jewelry and I don't know what else! :)
    Green Socks or green bra and underwear is always fun too!


  3. the Target near my work is carrying cute green argyle socks..I may get some of those to include in my outfit...otherwise, I usually forget to dress up when St. P day finally rolls around haha

  4. No idea what I'm going to wear clothing wise, but my green polish is all ready to go! Haha

  5. I don't have any good stores near me, just a Target. :/

    I may just have to wear one of my old green shirts! Blah.

  6. I love the green nail polish! I like Steph's idea of a scarf with green in it!


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    Thanks love. xoxo.



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