25 March 2011

Some Friday Randomness Vol 2

Last weekend during my SPRING BREAK, bright and early one Saturday morning, I had to head back to school to work on our school's mural.  This Mural has been in the making since AUGUST. The other art teacher who ADORES clay came up with the idea.  Here are 2 pics I snapped right quick with my cell.

All the teachers, staff, parents of students got to make a tile for the mural.


On to second grade art.....
My kiddos just finished up making a 3D Castle.

I'm really proud of their drawing abilities, and as Jenni from Story of my Life said, "A second grader drew that!?!" Oh yes they did!


Now on to Apparel...

My awesome cubbies sweatshirt from Victoria Secret came in! I LOVE IT! in case you all didn't know..
I grew up in Chicago aka the burbs as we called it. I've always been a cubs fan. No band wagon jumper here. I stay true to where I'm from! :)

Me in one of my fave cubs T shirts

I stumbled upon this in the new issue of Ballard Designs, one of the many magazines I get in the mail. 
Love it, but for Aspen, it's a bit big. She has a dog mat VERY SIMILAR to this in the shape of a black bone as well, no text on it, and mine was from Target a few years ago. 

Anyone interested can find it here.

Well lovelies, short sweet and to the point. I have found blogging anything "awesome" on a friday is a lost cause seeing how most bloggers have lives and don't blog on weekends! hahah. Have a good weekend!




  1. So I love that hoodie! Where in the suberbs did you grow up? If it wasn't so damn cold, Bryan and I would totally love to live in Naperville -- love it there!!

  2. I LOVE that dog placemat!! Your newest follower

  3. Why is it that so many bloggers DON'T blog on Friday? Hahaha, I always do at work. ;)

    Loving the changes you made btw!

  4. I definitely have no life and blog on Friday. Haha. : )

    Love your new design!! We are Cubs fans, too! We fly to Chicago and stayed one night, just to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field!

  5. Saw this post and thought of you since you were looking for the outfit the other day:


  6. I love that you teach art! So cool! And I also LOVE LOVE the V.S. sports apparel... talk about a genious idea...every girl wants to support their team but look cute while doing it, and it was so hard to find cute girl sporty clothes until now. I think I have bought every single WSU item of clothing they have made!

  7. So funny you mention others not blogging on the weekends as it's the ONLY time I feel I actually get to blog!!

  8. I got the Meet Me in the Dugout Tshirt and the Cubs Boyfriend pants...IN LOVE!


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