09 March 2011

What I'm Not Loving

Well I can tell you what I'm NOT loving this wednesday...ha!

Okay seriously--- I get told all the time I look way younger than twenty-eight. Awwwwww. No really. Do I look that young to everyone but myself? When I look in the mirror all I see these days are the HUGE bags under my eyes that never seem to go away.

Of course I blame teaching. Can't be the usual 6-7 hours of sleep I get at night.

Before Shot:

After (edited courtesy of Photoflexer)

I use Two Faced under eye concealer.....but still somehow those darn rings show. I give up!!! I feel like every picture from here on out will have to be seriously photoshopped!  GRRR...

So fitting don't you think? ha. 

Any make up cover ups that work wonders to be rid of these? Do share.

I am loving these cute up do's......to bad I can't

  {A} do them myself and
  {B} Have some where to wear them!

I'm not sure I'm digging this new trend either...

White Nail polish anyone?

This reminds me of middle school when girls would put white out on their nails yuck!!!



  1. That's too funny about the nail polish. I remember that! Also writing things in white out on our backpacks! haha

    The hair do's are too cute. Would be great to wear during the summer months with a cute sundress!

  2. OMG. I remember when the girls would put white out on their nails. For some reason it always grossed me out. I hate the look of peeling nail polish and the white out would always chip and peel off in giant chunks. Ewww.

    Second, I get told ALL the time I don't look 28. I have bags too. What are these people thinking? haha. Although, I'm jealous because I feel like my bags look sooo bad and I can't tell you have them at all! Mr. D is actually younger than me and everyone either thinks we're the same age or that he is older than me. Hopefully it will still be this way in 20 more years. I'm really not looking forward to the aging process. Everyone I know with kids (even the ones much younger than me) already look like they've aged so much. I guess it's just the price you pay for cute little ones.

  3. Haha...I so remember painting my nails with white out! ICK! Haha

    I have major bags under my eyes, too...thanks, mom! Haha and I have awful allergies, so they are constantly there. I need some help, too!! I'll be stalking your blog for answers ;)


  4. I understand the bags under the eyes. Arg. I think you look FABULOUS and you're definitely more critical of them than anyone else is for sure! That said, I've started re-touching my photos too.. haha.. I have bad allergies and that causes dark circles sometimes in the spring. Ugh.

    I haven't found the perfect concealer. I use Laura Mercier and it's pretty good... *shrugs* I still re-touch the pics though. haha.. :)

    On a recent snow day, I was watching Dr. Oz and he had some concoction of allergy meds crushed up and addded to a moisturizer. it literally lifts the eye right there! It only lasts for a few hours, but I've wanted to try it for kicks! Here's the link. It's called the pseudophedrine swirl: http://healthybodydaily.com/antiaging/dr-oz-sagging-breasts-and-butts-pseudoephedrine-swirl-for-eye-wrinkles

  5. cute dos! i like white nails when the nails are super short!

  6. Haha, I totally remember the girls painting their nails with white out! Never did it myself, though.

  7. i love those hair styles! they are so cute =)

  8. Cute updos! I wish I could make my hair do that too :)

  9. That first updo looks similar to my wedding hair, I love it!

    Girl, you don't look a day over 20 and look fabulous. Don't sell yourself short. ;)

  10. I have the eye-bags too... no fun! Haven't found anything that works great either, but let me know if you do. I love the hair buns, but yeah it wouldn't look like that if I tried it. And the white nails... I don't mind them in that photo, but in real life they always look streaky and gross.


  11. I love the up-do's, totally cute! I never did the white-out nails, but I do remember girls doing that back in like jr. high!

  12. hahhahah white out on the nails!!! so funny.
    and i definitely can't do one of those buns.... i wish.
    that trick jax wrote above out the crushed up allergy pills sounds interestingggggg.....

  13. ahh the white out takes me back! ha

    I think you look fab w/out photoshop but I feel yah sistah I just looked at a pic I put up on my blog and was like wait whats up with those things under my eyes?!

  14. Not a fan of white nail polish!! not cute.
    And you look gorgeous as always!

  15. 28 must be the 'magic age' for those dang under eye bags!! I dont know about yours but mine are Louis Vuittons ;

    You are beautiful <3


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