03 March 2011

Doesn't Get Anymore Random Than This!

I need this to wear to teach in with my black leggings underneath..

via Modcloth

I need this blown up at posted not only in my classroom, but all over school to kindly remind people about Creativity!

I want a round tray like 2 dogs and a blog has!!! 
See round tray on coffee table----->

( I have checked Pier 1, Home Goods, and World Market. NO LUCK! :(  

Happy that Ugg season is just about over in AZ THANK GOD. I am ready to bust out my flip flops again! 

I should remember this at all times :) 

And someday when I get married, I will have one of these at my wedding. A REAL photo booth. No digital crap. :) 

That's it for my random ramblings this Thursday. Have a great day lovelies!



  1. I could not agree with you more about the Creativity poster. I am saving that to my computer desktop at school today! I may even buy our copy room staff lunch today if they will blow it up and laminate it for me so I can hang it in my room! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. I saw the photo booth idea a few years ago and I LOVE it! =) I wish they still had those around in the malls and stuff.. now its just those crappy drawing ones.

    Happy Thursday

  3. Love your randomness! I would love the creativity poster too for my classroom! I love the ingredients for love too! I'd also like a photo booth at my wedding! Hope you have a great day! :)

  4. I totally want to put the ingredients for love somewhere in my kitchen. I'm going to have to add that to my DIY list! Yeah for flip flops, now I have to get a pedicure!

  5. Love the dress! looks super comfy! Totally digging the photobooth. I have always wanted one at my wedding also...so cute :)

  6. I want a photobooth at my wedding SO BAD!! They are so much fun!

    I love that dress you posted too and also cannot wait to retire my uggs for the season. I'm sick of that nasty hard salt stuff that covers my uggs after a snowstorm!

    xoxox happy thursday hun!

  7. I love that creativity thing =) that is awesome!
    Girl you live in the WRONG state haha -- we are already wearing skirts and open toe shoes here in FL =) Fingers crossed it warms up for ya =)

  8. Love the randomness! That dress is so cute!!! Did you try Target to see if they had a round tray? Ross, TJMAXX, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond? I totally want a photobooth at my wedding too!

  9. Have you checked Ross or TJ Maxx? I find a lot of my home stuff there! :)

    That dress would look fantastic on you!

  10. I love that creativity poster...it'd be great huge in my classroom :)

    p.s. Here is a set of two round trays, but I would also check HomeGoods if you have them....

    Target has a few online too!

  11. i want a photobooth at my wedding too!

  12. Love your random ramblings!!! The photobooth at a wedding would be so fun!!! And naturally I love love love the creativity quotes!!!

  13. I love the creativity poster and the inspiration for love :)

  14. I love the dress....it would be so cute with leggings!! And without during the summer :)

    Sometimes I wish I could just take a picture I find and make it all appear in my house! That would make things SO much easier;)

    Hope you're having a great Sunday!



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