01 March 2011

Anything But A Face Photo Entry

Somehow I stumbled upon another photo challenge link up. I gotta admit, these are Quite Fun and force you to think outside the box!

The Assignment:


Here's my entry.

I took this while someone claimed my bed as theirs. Someone thinks they may be small, but are the queen of my queen size bed! haha!

This Photo Challenge is hosted by

And As I go to enter this, I find out that I JUST MISSED THE ENTRY by ohhhhh ONE DAY. Rats. Whoops. Oh well.



  1. Still super cute though! =)

  2. I am in love with your fur child's paw -- so delicate and sweet. Great photo!!

  3. what an adorable no-face photo! i love it!

  4. hey! i saw your question about The Shine Project's weekly challenge... You're supposed to complete the challenge, and email me about your experience....How it made you feel, the other person feel.. etc. If youre doing something that you can take pictures of...then send those to me too! I feature the completed projects each sunday! So everyone will see your experience, and have a link back to your blog. my email is ashley.theshineproject@gmail.com ... :)

  5. Freaking AWESOME photo choice for this category!!! And I'm loving your comment on my blog about our pups bdays being so close!!!! Hooray! We could have a pup party if we lived closer!


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