23 March 2011

Life from Aspen's View!

Why hello there bloggers. ASPEN here. I'm guest blogging for mommy today. I thought I'd give her a break, seeing how she spends entirely way to many evenings on here answering questions and playing along in weekly questions, rather than paying attention to MOI!  Case in point, see photo below:

Hello!!!!! MOM!!!! I am way more pretty to stare at than this brightly lit screen! PAY ATTENTION TO ME GOD DOG IT ! 

So instead of Mommy answering questions about her fine self, I am going to answer questions about this my fluff self.

In case you didn't know, I'm Aspen, and I'm five yrs old. (Human years of course)

My activities include:


play biting mommy's hand to get her attention, 

Long walks on the beach,
Ha. Who am I kidding. That's totally mommy talking there. Me?! Get precious lil ole' foot in that water? You're dreamin child! 

What was I saying? Oh! I remember...

 taking Mommy's undergarments!
(she doesn't call me the panty bandit for nothing girls! Is it weird that I'm a girl and like her knickers? Don't answer that. You don't count. You're a human. Me a dog. Me like things humans don.t Crumbs on the floor, dirt, puddles to run into after a bath only days ago. hehe)

Okay so just like my owner, I get off topic. As I was saying...

One blogger writes, "What was your worst life experience?"

Well friends, I'd have to agree with mom on this one and say it was when I had my knee surgery when I was only 6 months old. Case in point, mom only has 3 pictures as proof of this awful time in my life. Darn you luxating patella. My genes did not bless me with good knee caps, and thus, when I was just a baby on Halloween, I had to cost mom a pretty penny, and have a MAJOR operation on my left knee.

Don't you worry your pretty little head, that nasty old scar on my leg has long been covered up by my white fur. 

I know mom often reads that magazine only girls read that talk about positions....
So like the magazine, I'd have to say my favorite position is this one!

Now hold up. I know you all be thinking dirty....No Sex positions for this fur child..Oh No. Mom long took all my parts out when I was a wee pup and that is just fine by me! :) 

I'm not a frilly girl. I hate those gosh dang bows my old groomer would attempt to put in my lil ole' ears! 
Mom is the BEST mom and takes these out if they ever put them in! She says it will kink my straight hair (something she says she can relate to whatever that means)

And I don't do "clothes" either. Look at me!!! I have so much hair I'd roast in another layer on my body. 

this is as festive as I get for the holidays. I don't like things around my neck much. 

Another blogger asks,
"What are your favorite books?"

So glad you asked! 

Clifford has the life! 

Another blogger asks, 
"what are you fave movies?"

Much like my mom, I am much the movie Bia :) I have quite the list so here you go:

My Heroes of course are these guys:

And lastly, a blogger asks 
Why did your mom pick you and not a Lassie or snoopy type dog?

Ah. Mom tells me all the time her interest in poms began with this lady....and this one TV Show called "the Osbournes."

Meet Sharon and her evil version of me, Minnie!

And with this, my mom says her obsession with Poms Began. Of course she was bound determined to make me way more lovable towards humans than Sharon's Furchild is towards anyone but her! 
Mommy: 1 point
Aspen: 1 point 

I love all things that move wiggle make noise. Kids I adore. I am one lucky pup that got to go to school with mom a few years ago for a few weeks! :) 

And much to your dismay, or secret happiness, I am pawing off..logging off whatever you call it. I need my beauty sleep. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know me better! 

Licks & Tail Wags,





  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! It was too cute! Aspen is precious! So much of this post reminds me of my dog! Especially the pictures :)

  2. This has got to be the cutest post ever! I had a pomeranian, her name was Lola. She was such a spunk little firecracker. She used to go on "nanny" visits since she demanded so much attention that I couldn't give her. Eventually they became permanent and now she has a forever home with my mom. Miss that sweet girl, but she is living the sweet like with nanny!!

  3. Cutest post EVER! Love it. Such a great idea. Aspen is too cute. :)

  4. Aspen you are all kinds or adorable! Such a cute post. Loved gettting to know you better!

  5. Oh my word! This was the cutest thing EVER!!! So creative and adorable. Loving Aspen's spunky personality and quick whit ;) So flippin' cute! Ahhhhh, I just love dogs **er** fur-children!

  6. Awwww super cute! Love all the pictures so much!!! :) Piper & Furlee keep asking me if they can blog but I haven't allowed it yet... ;) Haha! Love your pup!

  7. So cute!!! :) Knox loves to take my undies. I call him the panty thief!!!! Ha!

  8. Aw, what a cute post!! Haha

  9. Ah I love poms she is adorable!! My little guy loves knickers too.. It's gross..

  10. Love this post! Aspen is adorable.

  11. absolutely love this post!

  12. seriously....cutest.post.EVER! Love all the pictures of Aspen!! SO stinkin cute! Reading your blog and Shalyn's makes me want a pom badly!!

  13. Ahhh! Aspen is SO CUTE!! This post is hilarious!!

  14. This is adorable!

    Very cute!

  15. Seriously, this made me smile :). I hope Aspen enjoyed her guest blog!! She's too cute for words!

  16. Aspen is precious! Love this post!!

  17. Oooooh she's SUCH a pretty girl!!!! Love her Christmas outfit especially!
    Cat @ Budget Blonde

  18. This post is PRICELESS. I laughed so hard.
    My favorite is Aspen with your bra!


  19. Great post
    All dogs go to Heaven is one of my fav movies of all times!

  20. LOVE IT!! (I have been slacking on my blog reading it so I am just now reading this!) Seeing little Aspen's leg is like looking at Daisy except her bandage was red and Aspen is aloooott fluffier :)
    What we do without them? LOVE Miss Aspen's taste in books and movies. MIGHT have to steal this one!!

  21. LOL, I may have to borrow this adorable post idea! PS- new follower!

  22. I feel like your pup and mine have many things in common. Including luxating patellas. Cooper hasn't gotten his fixed yet since they aren't *that* bad, according to the vet, but it will have to happen one day. I might need your advice/thoughts/etc on that one.


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