13 March 2011

Movie Review #2!

I wasn't able to go and see this in the theater a while back. But I finally got to see it via XBOX Live via Zune Movies. Woot woot!


First, I have mentioned MANY A TIMES before that I adore Christina Aguilera. I have always listened to her music since she was a pop princess singin her Genie in a Bottle song. My big in my sorority went to the same HS as her, but informed me that miss X Tina was "never there" because she was well trying to make it in the "business" entertainment world of music and record labels!

I have to admit my Fave part in the whole movie was listening to her sing a ballot called Bound To You. I couldn't tear my eyes off her. The song was so beautiful.

This is a screen shot from her singing Bound To You in the movie.

The other couldn't-tear-your-eyes-off-the screen eye candy was......


OMG. Hubba Hubba.

(Mister Wonderful if you're reading this I LOVE YOU MOREEEEEE )

Ok back to Cam Gigandent or something like that. I'm having a lazy moment to actually look up the  correct spelling of his last name.

Upon watching it, I felt like I was watching a different version of Coyote Ugly, with an X Tina Moulin Rouge spin on it. That's all I say so you can see for yourself if you haven't already seen this movie!

Thus, final stance on this film:
It was good!!!! I would of seen in in the theater had I had someone to go with to watch it! LOL



  1. LOVED Burlesque!!!!

    I take care of a blind man who is, basically, in love with Christina :) So, he wanted to go see it in theaters to listen to her voice and I did not object! Now my poor husband gets to deal with me watching it at least once a week!

    Glad you finally got to see it!

  2. I'm glad to hear a good review! After it bombed at theaters I was hesitant to take the time to hunt it down and watch it, let alone buy it. But now I think I will :)

  3. I just watched this movie the other day and thought it was amazing!!! I dislike Cher but Christina was fabulous:) Great acting and moving movie! Turned out good in the end...thanks for passing the good word about this film along! My fav part was the New version of the Burlesque song:) LOVEDD IT! makes me wanna do that! sexy, saucy- how fun!

  4. Love your review on the movie! I have to admit that this was NOT a movie I wanted to see AT ALL, but my mom dragged me to it and I ended up really liking it! Have a good week!

  5. Hello Eye Candy! :)
    I'd watch the movie just for him! Seriously. I have heard that many people like the movie! I've heard it's very good! Movie Musicals are amazingly fun!


  6. I really want to see it! Eric and I couldnt decide what to rent last night and ended up going wiht Unstoppable. It was good, but also wish we'd seen Burlesque!

  7. I honestly don't think I have ever seen that movie .... I must I must!

  8. i really want to see this movie!!

  9. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I've been meaning to see it. :)

  10. I really liked the movie as well!! Probably one that I will buy!!

  11. LOVED this movie...the music was SOO good!


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