19 March 2011

Saturday Questions

Saw this over on Jamie's blog this morning, and a few others so if you wanna participate then feel free to do so! 

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals or are they members of your family?
Any idiot that owns a pet and answers the yes to the first part of that question is a moron! OF COURSE ASPEN is a member of my family. Where I go, she goes (for the most part if dogs are allowed) I never travel back to Ohio or to Colorado to see my folks without her. Last Night Aspen sat ON MY LAP while I ate my dinner at the table! If that  isn't family love, I don't know what is! 
This is a picture from last night eating outside at True Foods where Aspen did indeed sit on my lap at the table! hehe.

2. If you could have a dream come true, what would it be?
Eventually getting married :) Isn't that every girls dream at some point i their lives? I already met him, already work the job I love, so yep that would be next for me! 

3. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Save enough of it to pay say at least 3 kids college tuition. The rest I'd travel with and donate to Cancer Research for Breast Cancer and Kidney Cancer (those are the 2 my mom had)

4. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?
Cleaning. I clean like a mad women when I'm upset about something. Helps me relieve that tension.

5. What is your bedtime routine?
During the week, I'm in bed by ten at the latest. I have to get a full eight hours or I am one TIRED teacher throughout the day! I usually am on my computer before bed! 

6. What activities did you do in high school? If you could go back, would you do the same stuff or something different?
I played soccer my freshman and Sophomore year of HS. I was on Prom Committee. I would never want to go back to HS. Those days were AWFUL. Nuff said. 

7. What kind of books do you read?
Chic Lit. 

8. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
I will be 38 so I hope I have a kid and am married by then! 

9. What’s your fear?
That if something happens to me, my parents won't know! I live in AZ....they live in CO!
 This is why I NEVER lock my cell. I always want the police or hospital people if I am in an accident or something, to be able to grab my phone and access my contacts and such! My dad is listed in my cell as ICE (in case of Emergency)

10. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to see outer space?
Well I don't really eat junk food, and space is a little to quiet for my liking! 

11. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I am usually being barked at for me to take SOMEONE outside to Tinkle. hmmmm wonder who that sleep killer is...

12. If you could change one thing about your significant other, what would it be?
Absolutely nothing. God made him the way he is for a reason, and that reason or reasons are totally perfect for me!

13. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
I used to have this babysitter named Celeste who was soooo pretty. Like a barbie. I always thought her name was cool. In fact, a friend of mine and I used to write letters and would change our first names for fun...of course I picked Celeste...haha..No, this is not a name I would name my kid.

14. If you had to choose between six months of sun or six months of rain, what would you choose?
Sun. Sun. Sun. I do get this since I live in AZ! I am blessed

15. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?
hmmm this is tough..Pizza maybe? Does anyone truly ever tire of a good piece of pizza?

16. What is the thing you enjoy about blogging the most?
Like most bloggers, developing those friendships with someone that was once a complete stranger in your life, and now are someone you talk to quite often! Because I do live far from most other bloggers, I haven't gotten to meet any of them just yet. But I can tell ya This lady would be first on my list!

This is Jess over at Polka Dots Pearls and Pink OH MY! 

And then this lady since we went to the same college and just never knew it till blog world! 
This is Katie from KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!!!

She's a pom mom too :)

There are MANY of you that I'd love to meet, I'd be posting ALL YOUR PHOTOS on here if I took the next hour to do that! LOL

17. Do you prefer salty or sweet foods?
Honestly I don't prefer one over the other...

18. What items are in your purse right now?
The usual WALLET, Make up bag (which really only holds chapstick, contact solution, tylenol) and sunglasses 

19. Name three things on your bucket list.
I do not have a bucket list. Is that weird? 

20. What do you watch on television that you know you shouldn’t?
Well we did away with our cable a few months ago, so if it doesn't air on ABC I don't watch much! The Bachelor as many of you know was my guilty pleasure! 

Well thats it for the questions. Have a good saturday peeps!  :)



  1. I enjoyed reading this girl!! And may I just say that that first pic of your baby and you is STUNNING? You're so preetty. :)

  2. i did this too! and wonderful photo of you and aspen! :)

  3. cable is such a waste of money...we're thinking of getting rid of it because all TV shows are online now. What's the point...our desk top computer has a huge screen. How has it been not having it?

  4. awww! how sweet! hahaha that picture of me is hilarious! it's like 3 years ago.. love it. xoxo <3

  5. Absolutely love this, girl!! I totally agree with you about the animal thing. They are a MAJOR part of the family...like babies. I enjoyed reading more about you. I haven't gotten to have a blogger meet up either. BOO!

  6. THERE ME IS!! hahah awwwwwwww girlfriend I love you to pieeeeces!! I LOVED this and I am totally stealing this for tomorrows most! I loved the comment about junk food and outer space- never thought of it being too quiet haha. I know all about the sleep killer! I get it like every other 3 hours!! I feel like I have a newborn...with alot of HAIR! Hope your weekend was fabulous because your spring break is o-v-e-rrr hahaha. New camera pictures are amazing!!!

  7. Loved these questions, but just for the record, YES you can get tired of pizza. It's called COLLEGE. haha :) I never thought I could either and then I met Butler University.

  8. LOVED your answers! It was great getting to know you better! I would NEVER want to do high school again either! College, definitely but high school or under no way jose. I also never lock my phone so that people can call my home in case of an emergency! people make fun of me, but if something happens, at least my family will know.

  9. You look FABULOUS girlie!!! AND love love love your pup!

  10. i enjoyed learning more about you and your pup is so adorable! glad HS is over - that was no fun at all! ;P

  11. Loved learning more about you:) My little Daisy is just like my daughter too!


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