16 March 2011

Wednesday Loves

I am loving that  I found this cool website that actually recommends the kinda books I like to read (aka chic  lit)

I've been in such a funk trying to find a "good" book. I am learning listening to everyones opinions doesn't exactly work out (i've had like 10 ppl say Water for Elephants was downright slow and awful and others say it was a great read) really? hmmmmmm

The site is here.

I am currently reading this:

So far so good, I'll keep you posted! I just couldn't bare to read another sad sad dog story IE marley and me etc etc those Lassie or Benji type books. This one seems way better! 


I am digging these prints on Etsy found here

Too bad I"m not married yet to actually have either of these for my house...But regardless, I still like em! And of course as you know the yellow and grey goes perfect with Mister Wonderful and I's bedroom colors.


I'd like to get this bathing suit. I've never owned a green one! Payday is friday so until then I have to wait. Every year I buy myself ONE new suit. 

Last year I got 3. Whoops. But only because I threw out/goodwilled like 5 suits I just plum didn't ever wear anymore! 
This is one I got. Pretty infamous one from VS. 

Another suit from VS. not my fave. Don't plan on wearing again. Something about these types of tops DONT look right on my little boobs hahah So if you want it let me know! Top Size S Bottoms Size M

Of course I have a bigger bootie than bust.

This suit was a STEAL!!! I got it from Charlotte Russe of ALL places and it was on Clearance! I heart yellow duh!

Are you swim weared out yet? I think I made up my own word there Weared hmmm ed..not sure..oh well. Good thing I teach ART and not English!!

Well Ladies that's it for now. But I will be back to read posts throughout the day.

Well In closing I will bid you adieu with 2 great quotes. One is short and sweet and to the Point. The other if you read it, is a bit more wordy but just as important none of the less.

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  1. GIMME that bathing suit!! hahaha I've been wanting a top like that...even though it may not work with my little ones on top either! I like them though. I just bought a new bathing suit from Target..they have great ones right now :)

    oh, and I want that print with the wedding date! so many wants and I should be saving ahhh

  2. That bathing suit is sooo cute!! I can't wait for warmer weather!

  3. Love these things. You know, I was just thinking today how much attitude can change everything.

  4. I love that blue wedding print, such a cute thing to have hanging on the wall! I think I may get one, but in pink! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I just finished Water for Elephants and enjoyed it, but wouldn't put it in my top 5. I also just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns and cried the whole time, saddest book of my life.

    I just started The Help and absolutely LOVE IT!! Other books I love are The Princess Bride (same writer who did the movie, so it's just as good), little women (boring the first 40 pages, then awesome), all of the emily giffen books are amazing and i didn't think I would like them. also, the true blood books are awesome!

  6. For what it's worth, I thought Water for Elephants was wonderful! But there's another book by Sara Gruen called Ape House that I liked even better.

    Those Etsy prints are so stinking cute! And I love all of those bathing suits. Charlotte is a great place to find super cute steals!

  7. I love the swimsuits! I try to buy only one every year but always end up with more. I recently ordered a VS suit in green and love it!
    Playground Duty

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    Those prints are just too cute!

  9. The bandeau tops don't look right on me, I guess they're made for ladies with smaller chests? I'm not sure...

    I just ordered two bathing suits from VS! They're the best.

  10. I LOVE reading! Let me know how that book is after you're done & if you recommend it. I heard Water for Elephants was amazing but we'll see hey?

    Cuuuuute bathing suits! I love those Etsy finds as well!!!

  11. That green bathing suit is gorgeous and I am small chested but I like those kinds of tops so send it to SC for this ity bity girl :)
    I am on that website now and I am lovingggg it. Thank you for telling us all about it!
    PS. Tell Mister Wonderful to build you a treehouse :)

  12. I've never heard of that website but those are the kinds of books I like to read too. Definitely checking that out tonight!

  13. Great things you are loving!! I love those prints!

  14. Thank you so much for posting those prints! I have been looking everywhere for prints like those!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  15. ah i have the same problem with the 'strapless' swim suit tops also!! and i have a bigger butt than bust also hahah

    i do love the choices though!

  16. LOVE those cute "love frames" from etsy! You've inspired me to make my own :)

    Also, only 1 bikini a year? pffft! That's, like, impossible, I think... It's pretty ridiculous how many I own, though... I'm kind of scared to bust 'em all out! (But excited that it's almost time to do so!!)

    Annnnd that adorbs picture of the puuppy? LOVE!!

  17. i'd totally read that book, just cause there is a dane on the cover... so cute!!!

    and i loved water for elephants, it took me a while to get into it, but once i did... i read it in like 2 days. its worth reading just because its so different!


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