07 August 2010

My own worst enemy

How many of us battle this devil everyday? I do.

I weigh myself EVERY STINKIN day. First thing in the morning, and wearing nothing but my birthday suit! I'm a size 4. I'm 5'8" I always have been since day 1 of college. I should probably be thanking my lucky stars that I have worn the same size shirts and pants for the last 9 years right? But even in doing so, I still feel like that dreaded 3 digit number gets the best of me everyday.

*yes, those are my big feet and my scale, I didn't copyright the picture bec I don't think anyone will want to steal my ugly big feet! Ha

And then I saw this on someone else's blog and thought you know what, I need t post this little picture right in front of my scale so I am forced to read it everyday.

As of right now, when I weigh my self, and I don't like the 2 pound increase from dinner the night before, I get pretty darn upset with myself and become a natzi at myself for the rest of the day about what I will and won't eat.  I know that a normal healthy person's weight does fluctuate 2-3 pounds each and every day....BUT STILL............I DON'T like it! No Sir E Bob!

Everyone's got their I wish I was 5 pounds lighter goal. I weighed 124 in 2003 and it was too skinny for me. People commented how too thin I looked, that I looked tired a lot.  *{note to readers this was due to bad break up out of my 4 yr relationship with my ex BF) I ate, but was just so stressed out that well the pounds kinda just didn't stay on. ha! I'd say I'd LOVE to be a perfect 126. But to be quite honest, I haven't seen the scale fall lower than 128 in the last 2 years. I work out, but I'm not a die hard Gym person. I much prefer being outside hiking than confined inside with strangers on machines.

I eat healthy, I live with a fitness guru, who thinks I am fine the way I am. I suppose thats all that matters though in the end though right? Still, I wish I didn't let my weight get the best of me!  Any thoughts? What gets the best of you no matter what you do?
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  1. What a great note to place on your scale as a reminder! It's who you are NOT what size we are. Society tends to get the best of us in that aspect...hence why I refuse to own a scale.

  2. we have the exact same scale!! and i love the disclaimer...sometimes we're so hard on ourselves, but at the end of the day, it's ONLY a number-great post!!

  3. love the disclaimer.. it's a great reminder that we all need on a DAILY basis. because we are wonderful women, regardless of number!

  4. Hey sorry it took me forever to answer your questions, but for some reason I've been kinda avoiding my blog for the past couple of months lol but anyways the picture at the top of my blog was designed by fabulouskblog.com ... the other pics on my blog I did through www.photobucket.com ... its the best site to use if you want to post large pics on your blog or u can just use it to edit pics .. it has some cool features and its free :) Once you get an account and upload a pic, click on "edit", then click on the "effects" tab, choose "grayscale", and press on "advanced options", a little box will appear to the right of the photo, and in that box select "painted region", from there you can select your brush size and paint portions of your pic black and white while leaving the rest full color ... sorry such a long comment but hope this helps!!!

    By the way its so freaky how alike we are ... I'm 5'8 too, wear size 4, and weigh about the same lol ... our blog name is very similar, I have a pom too, and my hubby works in the med field as well lol just wanted to point that out :)weird huh?

  5. I weigh myself everyday. Sometimes I think the scale is lying to me though.

  6. I too weigh myself every day and those ice cream sundaes this weekend didn't help my scale. I notice though when I lost weight that people said I was too skinny too. Your doing fine and we do have to remember what the scale doesn't tell us.

  7. I used to weigh myself every single morning AND night. It got to where I was almost doing it out of habit, though. I'm 5'8 also and in high school I went through a terrible break up and got down to about 105 pounds (not so great when you're that tall). I looked awful! I stay around 125 now but I don't think it's about the number, I think all that matters is that you're happy with your body and accept yourself for who you are.


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