18 August 2010

Mister Pibb Where Are You? Has Anybody seen Mister Pibb?


Can anyone tell me WHY they don't sell Mister Pibb at grocery stores anymore? For the last year, the only time I can enjoy Mister Pibb, is if I eat at Chipotle or Buffalo Wild Wings. Those are the only 2 places I know that even serve it as a soft drink! I HATE Dr. Pepper. I don't think anyone that compares Dr. Pepper and Mister Pibb drink it enough to even compare the 2, because there IS a distinct difference! Here in AZ, we have Frys, Albertsons, Wal Mart, Safeway, and a few other smaller grocery chains. I have NEVER seen Mister Pibb on the shelf in cans to buy.

How's come restaurant chains can carry it, but not in stores? Someone enlighten me please. Photobucket



  1. How strange! I've never tried Mr.Pibb before so I've never looked for it in stores...but I do hope you find it hun...and SOON :)

  2. I've never seen Mr. Pibb in stores down here, I don't think. Weird. We have it at Taco Bell, Subway & gas stations. I love it... it's like candy!

  3. See it's a mystery LOL no one really knows...they all have seen at restaurants like moi, but no one can buy it? What's up with that!?! :)


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