23 August 2010

If you really knew me...

So first thing this morning I saw this on 2 fellow bloggers pages...via Natasha @ Day in the life and via Jen @ Westsac Honey and to be honest I really liked the vulernablity of the post and thought it would be neat to do it as well!

This post is based on the MTV show “If You Really Knew Me”… synopsis-- high school teens opening up from different cliques in their respective groups—the jocks, the nerds, emo's, and so on and so forth...They attempt to break down the typical high school barriers that we experience when you get labeled into a clique.

If you really knew me, you'd know that...

~*I often pee with the door open (never in public you sick minded ones LOL but at close friend's house or my own yeah!)

~*I watched my own mother die in our house, and get zipped up in a body bag at the age of 13 to Breast and Kidney Cancer. How many of you can say they have this heartbreaking experience as a childhood memory?

~*This is probably the stupidest thing, but I get easily angered by SLOW walkers...in the store, in the mall, on the side walk wherever they are in proximity to me....You slow down in front of me, you usually get a verbal smart as$ remark as I pass you! 

~*I have a fear of bees. And I have no problem admitting that I think the world would be a better place without them and their honey bec I don't eat honey! No really, I hear them buzzz.zzzzzzz...ing anywhere near me, I run. I run fast. Far away as I can get from them!

~*If you really knew me, you'd know that High school were not the greatest years for me. I had a really hard time "fitting in" since I had to change schools right after Sophomore year because of my father remarrying and wanting to move us two towns over. Needless to say, cliques were made come Junior year, and I often sat at a different lunch table because I had no real "group" that I belonged to!

~*I often talk like I write....
a runoncsentence...
so my dad often says "Breathe between your sentences" haha.

~* I LOVE Peas. I know weird..I'm a freak! They are seriously my favorite vegetable! 
Straight from yours truly very own kitchen cabinet!

~*Up until this summer, since I was 16, I have ALWAYS paid for gas in CASH. Yep thats right. NEVER used a debit/credit card till this summer when I Just had to from the road trip to get Mister Wonderful from Ohio to AZ. It was Soooo hard for me! But since I have given up waitressing, I don't have any cash just one me anymore, so I have to use the card! ugh!

~*I was allergic to New Carpet as a kid. No joke. This is why I pretty much wear socks year round. Force of habit from my kiddo days. Now when it's 110 in AZ, no I'm not wearing socks, but most of the time I do when it cools down!
~*Moles bother me. To the point that if I find any raised one on me, I go to the derm to have taken off regardless of it being cancerous or not. I hate them. Hate Hate Hate!!! 

~* I often feel estranged from much of my family (my dad, brother, all aunts and uncles due to my mom dying, my dad remarrying, my step mom etc etc) This has gone on for years, and has become "Normal" for me never to see anyone :( I haven't seen my dad in over a year and a half.) 

~* I know a lot about dogs. I used to show my childhood dog when I was younger, and once wanted to be a vet (till I saw all the blood and said NEVERMIND plus the billion more years a vet has to go to school!) This is why I am a freak about the treatment of animals and Never ever do anything after work till I have GONE HOME first to let my pet out to potty. I take pet ownership very seriously and can flip my lid easy when I see people not taking care of animals/ or what they say are pets very seriously!

~*I am piercing free (other than my ears) and tattoo free. Yep what can I say, I like my body naked! LOL

~*I've never EVER smoked a cigarette. In fact, second had and first had smoke bothers me so much, that I usually gag and have to remove my self from the stench. I never go outside at bars or near people smoking. They stink. Period. Gross. Yellow teeth. Bad breath. Clothes smell. You can't hide it, but I can chose to look/walk the other way!

~*I have one regret in life. Yep thats right just ONE.
I regret giving up horseback riding. I quit a few months after my mom died, because there was no cheering section for me during my lessons anymore....
and I was good!!!!!!!!! I came in first and second in a few horse shows!

~* I've never  flatulence/flatus, tooted, cut the cheese, break wind etc etc ( I hate the word fart LOL) in front of any boyfriend I've ever had. This might be TMI (too much info for some) Not once. I was with my ex for 4 years and never did. Not even with Mister Wonderful. Thankfully he doesn't do that around me. We try to be very alert about that stuff and mannerly..sometimes couples get too comfortable, so we are both pretty adamant about that. Keeps things "new" feeling.

~*I struggled through school. Always went to class, always bombed tests. And yet here I am today in Education! ha. 

And other last bits of randomness...
I'm left handed. I NEVER wear red-- it's my worst color. Same with brown. YUCK. Just doesn't suit me. I wish I could give up tanning.  I want to have kids someday, but am TERRIFIED of never losing the baby weight. Trust me. I've seen lots of momma friends that just are to tired, and devote every second to their kid and not on them. I don't know if I could do that......If you look good, you feel good, why should that go away just because you are a mom? 

Okay....Hopefully I have babbled enough....Any similarities/or sound like you?



  1. I am totally with you about slow walkers! Majorly annoying! Glad to say I am also piercing (other than my ears) and tattoo free! Learned lots of new interesting things about you today!

  2. Loved learning more about you :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom :(

    I hate slow walkers too!

  3. So sorry about your mom.

    HATE HATE slow walkers!!

    Love this idea.. I think I might do it come wednesday!

  4. Honest and poignant thoughtful comments. I can relate to seeing your mother, although I was not young but a grown woman and it was only three years ago, the ten thousand emotions that went through my head still lingering and strong -- and the animals -- yes another strongly felt emotion agree fully on what you said, well on the slow walkers, a little more patience now that I spent time with my mother and other elders in care facilities, but I still try and move around them in the malls when they take up the whole space, I figure it is alright to walk at your pace, but be considerate of others and move to the left or right allowing for others to pass.

    Came by from Kelly's at Style Attic.


  5. Man, what a ride I just took checking in with you! I am standing and clapping for you b/c it took a lot to share such details and rarely do we see such up front honesty. I am very sorry for the pain you went through at 13. I am totally with you on the cigarette, never-ever had a puff myself. I love your little quirks and the beautiful things that have shaped you...into celebrated YOU :)

  6. and yes, i am in agreement... definitely puts you out there vulnerability wise, but i don't mind and it's obvious you don't either =)

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and losing her when you were so young.

    I am right there with you about the slow mall walkers....what about when they STOP directly in front of you like they're the onnnly ones in the place....lovely...I try to be calm but it can be challenging, esp if I am in a rush.

    I also love peas! :)
    AND I too go home on my lunch break to let Daisy May out before doing anything else! I luck out after work to where I can go to the gym though because my parents get home an hour before I do everyday sooo they dog-sit until I make it back home! haha

    I hope you have a great day!
    Loved this post and learning more about you!

  8. I like peas too! =)

    Fun post... I can't even imagine going through what you had to see with your mom, I'm so sorry!

    Maybe you can pick horseback riding back up? Even if just as a hobby...

  9. I learned alot about you too missy. Seeing that happen with your mom I couldn't imagine how hard that would be. You should go horseback riding for fun maybe that would be nice for you.

    Too funny about passing gas that's good for you! My girlfriend is the same way.

    Red is my favorite color and I've been told that if I choose that as my bridesmaid dress color a few are dropping out lol. So only looks good on a few people lol.

  10. I'm so sorry about your mom, that must have been so traumatic, I can’t even imagine…

    Honey is yummy… peas aren’t that great, especially the canned ones, but hey whatever flows your boat 

    I’m 100% with you about dogs and treating them well. If you want to hang out with me on a weekday, either my hubby is home with the dogs or we are hanging out at my place, they don’t want to be cooped up and alone all day!

    never smoked a cigarette either, but I have smoked cigars…

    Very interesting post!! I love it!



  11. Aww, I love this post!! Makes me like you even more:) It takes a lot to share that kind of information with friends...but it can be very therapeutic.

  12. Loved learning about you!
    I watched my mom pass away at home as well... we have something in common... its a day that we'll obviously never forget :(

  13. Hi! I'm a new follower!

    So sorry about your mom, that breaks my heart.

    I love animals to death and I agree with everything you said. I always wanted to be a vet when I was younger!

  14. I really like your post. it's a cool idea, i might try it! :) I'm also your newest follower, and I love your blog. It's super cute!! And I'm in Education. ha Hope to hear from you soon!


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