12 August 2010

Mayday Thursday!

So a lot of blogs have been doing the lets blog about a topic on a certain day game then link your blog type thing.....Most are things that we "love" or random thoughts, or cooking stuff. How about one day of the week where you can just rant or talk/blog about things that annoy you, are your pet peeve, just outright dislike/and or hate! Does that work? haha.... (If I knew how to do the whole link up thing I would so start this...if you know how and want me to, let me know!)

Things that annoy me currently.......

{1}  Lady GaGa.

Okay We have a love hate relationship. I LOVE her songs. Truly I do! Ask mister wonderful how many times on our drive from Ohio we listened to Alejandro over and over and over!
My Beef with her is that heard on the radio today that she admittedly has told interviewees, magazines, and other sources that she does Cocaine!! WTF? Are you serious? She's like an idol to so many people and she does that and admits it? Oh yes you read right. They said today on the radio show that she says she only does it "occasionally". An occasional drug habit is okay? When is it okay to drugs in the first place? What IS IT WITH CELEBRITIES and not being happy? This is all they are telling us if their life sucks so bad that they have to turn to illegal drugs for enjoyment. Maybe you have to much and should take a step back to look at your life. Seriously. How can she admit that and not get arrested!?!

{2}  Pet Peeve....
This occurred this weekend when I ran to Michaels right quick for a few art supplies for my room.
Girl shopper crosses parking lot in the MIDDLE of the lot. She was TEXTING and she was so glued to her damn phone she held up me, and everyone behind me trying to pass through. Note to teeny bopper girls and parents of them... unless you want your kid to get run over, tell them to get their head outta their as@!!  My facebook status read this over the weekend:

I think anyone who walks slower than molasses in a BUSY parking lot Texting with their head down deserves to be honked at then ran over. Just sayin.......PET PEEVE big time of mine! Get your head out of your A#s and pay attention to reality people!!!


{3}  Unshaved Legs...



ewwwww...call me crazy but I shave them EVERY day....I shudder when I see women in public wearing shorts that haven't shaved for like a week. GROSS! 

And Lastly....

{4}  Adult drivers that have the child mentality of having to be FIRST. Oh yes I know many of you know/seen this! 

It's that driver that you see racing a few cars behind, that suddenly is right up behind you. Then it's just you and that other car. The Stop light changes, and they feel the need to zip ahead of you (and there is a perfectly functioning lane right next to you) and cut you off right before the light, forcing you you slam your breaks. I'm like really? wow you got one car ahead you're really going places now!


What are your annoyances of the week/day/month?


  1. What a great idea...cause we all get annoyed at some things :)

    1. Lady Gaga annoys me too!

    2. Why can't the text wait? Or just call the person!

    3. I shave my legs every day too! I just can't stand the feeling of unshaved legs!

    4. Crazy drivers are the worst!

    To do a linky, just go here: http://www.linkytools.com/. It'll ask you to sign up and there are step by step instructions on how to do it! It's very easy :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Some of my pet peeves are slow drivers in the fast lane....it drives me nuts. And for some reason, when milk drips down someone's chinning...or really anything dripping on the face, just annoys me sooo bad. I have to look away cause it drives me nuts

  3. I totally agree with the perosn who walk throught he middle the parking lot. Like pick a side and walk to it! I honk all the time.

  4. boo Lady Gaga for being so open about her drug usage. lame sauce.

    i hate people who text and drive, its so dangerous. NOTHING is that important. geeez, wait till a red light :)

  5. My boyfriend feels the same way about people on their phones! If we're walking too, he'll usually say something like, "Excuse you," or "Get off your phone," or the most embarrassing, "Learn how to walk!"


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