13 August 2010

Freaky Friday! 13!

It's Friday the 13!!!!

Make sure you don't cross any of these

And Make sure you don't walk under any of these!

And don't step on a crack or you'll fall and break your back!!!

Okay now everyone needs to carry one of these to keep them safe today!

There are so many superstitions out there.....Do you believe in any of them?

I have never broken a mirror, they say it's seven years bad luck!

They also say if it rains on your wedding say, that you are showered with good luck. Odd huh?

Enjoy your weekend bloggers!


  1. On Tori & Dean they got married and it started raining and it was supposed to be REALLY good luck because it's like "starting clean and fresh"

    Or maybe that was in her book and not on the show... honestly, it might not even be them but I do remember reading/seeing something about people getting married and it rains...

    AY yi yi thank goodness it's Friday!

  2. I don't believe in any superstitions, I've walked under plenty of ladders, and stepped on plenty of cracks.

  3. I am not superstitious at all but black cats freak me out.. LOL

    Cute post!


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