21 August 2010

Your Input please _

To my dear fellow readers...I need some help!

I have a very impt B day coming up! (no, it's not mine, it's Mister Wonderful's)
Mister Wonderful is turing the B I G

30! His B day is on Sept 11th (kinda a crappy B day thanks to the horrid terrorist attack that happened in 2001)


I am totally stumped for ideas on what to get him. So far, I have gotten a milestone B day card and that's it!

I am going to order one of these...

Ice cream roll cakes are THE BEST from Baskin Robbins!

He needs another swimsuit and some work out shorts, but when I went to EastBay, or any other sporting goods store online, it asks me what type of shorts? Ahh work out shorts have to be a type? I mean I know he doesn't wear the long basketball shorts, but I do know he prefers the shorts to have POCKETS in them for when he's at the gym, he can put his keys an cell with him at all times. When I type this into searches, I don't really find much! Any ideas?

There are like a MILLION places to go here in Scottsdale, and I want to take him somewhere nice not your typical Cheesecake factory dinner. Ladies, any ideas for the Phoenix/Scottsdale area? 

On another note, today I bought these

I wrote a while back about how Mister Wonderful has gotten me to take some vitamins. I was taking Women's Alive which has a lot of stuff women need. The downside, they are the size of HORSE pills and I cannot swallow them for the life of me. Even cut in half, they struggle going down and taste TERRIBLE. Come on vitamin makers REALLY??!? That's the best you can do!? 
So much to my relief, One a Day released the chewables FINALLY. Taste like candy! What could be better!?



  1. I am so silly because I just found out you are suppose to take vitamins with food .... I WAS SO NAUSEOUS!

  2. really? I don't think I've taken mine with food....maybe had something to eat a few hours before in the day or after but I don't think I've ever sat down and took them with a meal..

  3. Take him to the Compass Restaurant at the Hyatt! It's a revolving restaurant, so you get 360 degree views of the Valley! I want to go, but I am so picky and I doubt I'll like anything there, the cuisine is a melding of Southwestern, European and Pacific Rim. I need someones opinion on it! Go to thier site here:

  4. @ Star...
    We've ate there the first time he came to AZ to visit me! yes indeed it was a great place to eat!!! We've also eaten at The Biltmore something something country club which was really high end too....

  5. I used to work at Baskin Robbins and had to make those cakes for years lol. That was my first job :)
    Thanks for the heads up on those one a day gummies! I hate those horse size pills! gag!


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