26 August 2010

Art masterpieces in the making!

Kinders and  I read the story about Eric Carle's Hermit crab. 
you forget how much kinder's don't know at the beginning of the year..(Ie can't write their names, cut, glue or any of the basic skills)
Needless to say, cutting and gluing with glue sticks were quite the challenge with this lesson.


3rd graders are creating there WILD THINGS, which is the same lesson I have started the school year off for the last 5 years!

2nd just completed their Joan Miro bugs. They were given a limited color pallet and texture plates and sharpies to create their bugs. The texture plates were a lot of fun for them. I love hearing the "Oooo's and Ahhhhs" when they see their pattern from their plate show up on their paper from the rubbing of the crayon!



  1. What cute art projects! They did a great job :)

  2. It's so fun seeing the projects. I love all the ideas! I totally know what your talking about regarding Kindergarten. Every year I forget just how much work the first couple of weeks are. I think I'm finally making progress with mine.


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