25 August 2010

This Wednesday I am +in

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So What I'm lovin Currently (as in right at this very moment)
Drinking a glass as I blog. This stuff is THE BEST. Better than reg lemonade

I am lovin that I am Republican

better to be the elephant in the room than the JACKASS!
Gov Jan Brewer and Senator John McCain got re-elected yay 
Happy dance because I support both and voted for both!

I'm about to watch this which I'm sure I'll love since I love Nicholas Sparks so much

Always Lovin my bestest fur baby
Mister Wonderful is in there too :) They were playing on the couch



  1. That lemonade sounds delicious! I saw The Last Song in theaters and it was pretty good :)

  2. Stop right now because I heart almost everything on your list. Ha!

  3. HAHAHA!! Love the Elephant versus a Jack Ass... TOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!

  4. I watched The Last Song this weekend. I love Greg Kinnear. Have a great week!


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