31 August 2010

C h a o s !

Sorry for not posting the last day or so......
I feel like my life has been crazy these past 2 days!

No A/C at school for the first half the of the day. Yep. Classroom temp? 85 degrees. Temp outside? 98.

So the A/C gets fixed around lunch THANK YOU Lord! But then....

I had a kinder pee on my ONLY little carpeted area in my classroom.

I'm not ever one to bash any of my students, but out of 5 years of teaching, going into year six, the Kinder class I had yesterday are by FAR the lowest group I have ever had to deal with. Maybe 2 kids out of the class of 25 can write their names. That's it 2. you read it right. Meaning their home life sucks. They all come from families that obviously spend no time teaching them ANYTHING much less how to behave. This is also the same kinder class where a kinder sucker punched me in the arm because I told him NO and to "sit down" that's right! a freakin 5 yr old hit me! WTF?!?!

Tuesdays Happenings.....

Big nail in Tire. ARGH. Time to repair tire? 2/1/2 hours of waiting. Lordy Lordy. I am thinkin this just isn't my week!

Guess it was my turn for a crappy week. Ugh. Hurry labor day and get me outta here!!!!



  1. 1. I might have died if I was in your room! Way too hot!

    2. Poor kiddos :( I feel bad for those that have bad home lives.

    3. Flat tires are the worst!

    I sure hope your week gets better :)

  2. tomorrow is hump day, it'll be over before you know it!

    i cant believe you had a kid pee... ick!


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